Spring break is a time for making memories—these are the moments you'll remember forever. You should be indulging in your favorite cocktails, ordering pizza at 1 am, and lounging around on the beach all day. However, sometimes it's hard to be forgiving of your SBK decisions when you come back to reality.

It's easy to want to start a fad diet to burn off the beer or an extreme workout program to make up for the countless hours spent sunbathing. But...you shouldn't regret having fun and you definitely shouldn't punish your body. Just think back on the good times and figure out how to treat your body with respect post-spring break. 

Look at your pictures

Audrey Landau

When you get back to the real world, scroll through all of the pictures you took over your vacation and remember how much fun you had. Think about how refreshing that drink was or how the ice cream really hit the spot. Don't wish away the extra calories consumed. They were so worth. 

Go for a walk

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Vanessa Wong

Changing your workout schedule so that you're exhausting yourself is not going to make you feel better when you get back from spring break. Go for a walk to get your blood flowing.  Ask a friend to join you so you can swap stories about your epic vacations. Your body will thank you. 


water, fish
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And no, I don't mean do a juice cleanse. If you're feeling a little bloated and gross, do yourself a favor and drink as much water as possible. It'll make you and your body feel healthier. Whenever I would feel icky growing up, my mom would tell me to drink a glass of water. Guess what? She's a miracle worker! Water always seems to do the trick. 

If you don't like water, check out this article about the most hydrating food/drinks that aren't water. 


Photo by Dingzeyu Li | Unsplash

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Remind yourself of just how great you are. You are an amazing individual and it was good of you to give your body a well deserved break! Just go back to your normal habits and allow spring break to be a splurge week.


Photo by Alexandre Chambon | Unsplash

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Spring break is a time for fun, friends and food/drink. Take time and learn how to treat your body with respect post-spring break. Make memories and live your life—you only get one SBK17.