Since we're in the thick of the holiday season, plenty of people are looking for tasty, inexpensive themed treats for consumption. One of my favorite stores to frequent is Trader Joe’s, as it's relatively friendly for a student budget and offers a range of delectable snacks. In accordance with the holiday backdrop, I compiled a list of my five favorite holiday-themed treats from Trader Joe’s in no particular order. These items can be stored in your backpack or fridge, and they will bring you cheer during the festive season.

1. Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s 

While Oreos are often lauded as milk’s favorite cookies, you should definitely give these treats a try. Joe-Joe’s are essentially Trader Joe’s take on an Oreo cookie. The peppermint Joe-Joe’s have pieces of candy cane incorporated into the cream of the cookie. This creamy and crunchy union are the reason these cookies have a cult-like following.  

2. Peppermint Bark

Peppermint bark is one of my favorite holiday treats to enjoy during the winter. The crunchy texture and the minty flavor make it an ideal food to nibble on. Trader Joe’s peppermint bark is particularly delicious because it finds a balance between sweet and savory by combining perfect amounts of white and dark chocolate. 

3. Mini Gingerbread Men

The greatest property of gingerbread cookies is their aroma. Trader Joe’s gingerbread cookies are especially fragrant and even more delicious to consume. They're topped with white fudge frosting, which puts them over the edge. An added bonus of these cookies is their small size, making them suitable for decorating gingerbread houses.

4. Triple Ginger Brew

The holidays would not be complete without a refreshing seasonal beverage. While some choose eggnog, I prefer Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Brew. It's a lightly carbonated non-alcoholic drink made with real ginger. You should be warned that the drink does have large amounts of ginger, so it will bring a tingling sensation to your tongue. Trader Joe’s Ginger Brew also comes in a pumpkin pie spiced flavor that is worth checking out.

5. Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s Ice Cream

Since Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s are just that good, it's imperative that you also try the ice cream flavor named after the cookie. Similar to the cookie, it's a vanilla and peppermint mixture embedded with chunks of Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s and swirls of fudge. Most of the items on this list are crunchy, so this velvety goodness is in stark contrast to its counterparts.

These seasonal snacks are sure to bring joy to your palate during the holiday season. They can be found in participating Trader Joe's locations across the country, offered for a limited time before and after Christmas. You're definitely going to want to get your hands on these goodies while they are still available.