This is a beer lovers' dream. I'm a big beer fan myself, and I would not say no to a hotel all about the refreshing beverage. It's basically a vacation itself! In a way, this hotel is like a themed resort at a place such as Disney, but a more adult version. So if you're looking for your next big trip, look no further than Columbus, Ohio. The location may sound random, but when the world's first craft beer hotel opens, you'll be ready to pack your bags. It's time to get away and get drunk.

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Alex Frank

BrewDog Brewery, which is based in Scotland, will soon be building a brewery, as well as the craft beer hotel called "The Doghouse" in Columbus, and the two will be attached. Amenities of the hotel include IPA filled hot tubs (the tubs themselves will even be made with barrels that were used to age beer), hops-infused facials, barley massages, fridges in the bathroom filled with shower beer, and toiletries made from beer ingredients. That way, you'll get to smell like beer on the inside and out, if you're into that.

If that doesn't sound like enough beer for you, the room comes with an IPA tap, and a view of sour beer foeders. The beer-themed rooms will be about $250 per night, but you can also get a room if you help crowdfund it through Indiegogo. The hotel is set to open in late 2018. This is another great excuse to escape reality and drink, but in a way that makes it more of an experience than hitting your local college bar. Just try not to get too bloated. While you're anxiously awaiting 2018, check out these beer and pizza pairings to get in the spirit.