As a wise Spoonie once said in their article deck, what happens in Vegas goes on Spoon. While drinking there is nice, eating there can be even cooler. And for that, you'll need a comprehensive list of restaurants with secret menu items in Las Vegas at The Venetian and The Palazzo.

1. AquaKnox

Let's imagine that it's your first night in Vegas, and you're starving (which is something that you might always be anyway). You probably can't decide on what to eat, but you want something different since most mainstream foods are available literally everywhere and anywhere. While you're at it, just get the Australian Wagyu tomahawk ribeye steak, which ranges from 24-28oz. It's known to be made just right, so it's not too chewy, but it's not hard as a rock. The bigger the better, am I right?

2. Canaletto

Canaletto's secret menu item usually comes out only for dinner, so try not to sleep in too late. Ask for the famous Osso Bucco, which is served on a bed of saffron risotto. The flavor from the actual Osso Bucco is so bold that it's addictive. Needless to say, you're going to want to eat the plate and then lick it afterwards once the food is gone. It might not be available while you're there, which would be awful, but that shouldn't stop you from keeping your head up and then proceeding to order something else from their normal people menu.

3. Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch has a restaurant component and a SpaClub component. You can either be basic and get a standard massage... or, you could request to have the off-menu “All In” massage, which is 80-minutes in length and the most bougie of all bougie treatments. The treatment provides you with a mix of a grand total of five different massage services that are readily available at Canyon Ranch SpaClub. While there is no known secret menu for their restaurant, you shouldn't be stressing over food while you're relaxing.

4. Carnevino Italian Steakhouse

Low and behold, the beef cheek ravioli is the secret menu item that Carnevino has to offer to the world. They know you like pasta and all things carbs, so they have you covered. The pasta itself has a creamy sauce with a meat filling and a balsamic drizzle, which helps the dish blend together to become one coherent dish.

Besides, you're going to need something for your "recovery," so you might as well start somewhere. All you have to do is ask for it, and your waiter will understand what you're talking about.

5. Morels Steakhouse & Bistro

The thing with Morels' secret menu items is that it's more of a miniature menu within itself than a few items that are off-menu. This is great for you since you're now saved from having to scramble and stare at the real people menu for 20 minutes looking more lost than a lost dog. Basically, the secret menu consists of a prix-fixe menu that includes salad, steak, and macaron ice cream sandwiches. It comes with unlimited wine (specifically Vanishing Point Pinot Noir if that matters to you) for $58 per person. Clink clink.

6. Rosina 

When in Vegas, there's a high chance that you're going to drink more than you told yourself that you were going to. Given that the year is 2018 and safe spaces are now a thing, Rosina has decided to be trendy and partake with their own cocktail safe space.

While you're there, once you're done staring at the menu with your five heads, engage in conversation with your waiter about the off-menu drink line that's titled "Secret Julep." Such collection has five whole variations of the Southern quaff. Think of it as an aesthetically pleasing line up of drinks that you'll consume by picking them up and then taking sips and gulps from. To see more of what I'm talking about, watch this video.

7. Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

The secret menu at Yardbird is indeed extensive, which only means one thing for you - utter greatness. Since you can't see any of these items on the regular menu (duh), here's what to order instead.

When and if you roll out of bed in time for brunch at Yardbird, you'd ask for the Yardbird Biscuits & Gravy. On the side, pair it with Yardbird's Old Fashioned cocktail ($16).

When it's not time for brunch with your clique, you have two options for the remainder of the secret menu. The former would be to order an entire meal consisting of Brisket Fries, Loaded Grits, Pickle Chips, and Smothered Chicken & Fries for yourself. 

Now that I've spilled the cans of worms in regards to this comprehensive list of secret menu items in Las Vegas, it's time for you to close your web browser, silence your device, and try these items out stat. They're waiting for you and are getting tired of silently screaming out your name.