Everyone knows the saying, "America runs on Dunkin'." Just like everyone knows that similar to most other places, Dunkin' has two menus: one is regular the menu and the second is their "secret menu." The Dunkin' Donuts secret menu is not so popular, but it should be, because some of the items are crazy delicious. In an effort to increase the popularity of this secret menu, I've compiled the 10 things you need to try next the time you head to Dunkin' Donuts.

1. Birthday Cake Coolatta

This specific Coolatta is a combination of Dunkin's Hazelnut Swirl and Vanilla Bean Coolatta. It's a dupe for Starbuck's Birthday Cake Frapp, so be prepared to taste a lot of vanilla and hints of hazelnut. 

2. Captain Crunch Coolatta

In order to get a Captain Crunch Coolatta, order a Strawberry Coolatta with added shots of blueberry, raspberry, and cream. It tastes kind of similar to the actual cereal but it's not overbearing. 

3. Nutella Surprise

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Elena Bailoni

Dunkin's Nutella Surprise is essentially two shots of hazelnut and Mocha Iced Coffee. It's surprisingly very chocolatey, even though there's no actual Nutella involved. 

4. Peaches and Cream Coolatta

Dunkin's Peaches and Cream Coolatta is a mix between their Vanilla Bean Coolatta with the added benefit of peach shots. This drink tastes more creamy and has the potential to be watered down.

5. Cotton Candy Coolatta

This Coolatta is a mix between the Blue Raspberry Coolatta and Vanilla Bean. It's also known to taste incredibly sugary,  just like cotton candy. 

6. Fruit Roll-Up Coolatta

The Fruit Roll-Up Coolatta is a mix between the Strawberry Coolatta with shots of peach and blueberry syrup. It tastes just like the fruit roll ups from our childhood days. 

7. Creamsicle Coolatta

This Coolatta is a mix between Dunkin's Vanilla Bean and Orange Coolattas. It tastes like orange soda, but a little more subtle, and obvi without the carbonation. 

8. Raspberry Hot Chocolate

To get this version of hot chocolate, all you have to do is order hot chocolate and ask for raspberry shots to be put in it. It tastes kinda like a spiked hot chocolate, minus the buzz. Although, you could probably throw in a little Burnett's if you really want it. 

9. Coco Berry Coffee

To get this flavored coffee, simply order coffee with almond milk and shots of coconut and blueberry. Heads up though, if you want the taste of blueberry to be more prominent, you'll definitely want to ask for extra shots. 

10. Tropical Beach Coolatta

A Tropical Beach Coolatta from Dunkin is a Minute Maid Coolatta with shots of peach and coconut. It's basically lemonade, but with more flavoring to it. 

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Jacqueline Canino

These drinks are definitely some of Dunkin's best kept secrets — it's a shame none of them are on their regular menu. But if you want to feel like an insider, be sure to order a Coolatta of your flavor choice (really, any flavor you can imagine) and get ready to brag about it on your Insta.