Ah Valentines Day (a.k.a singles awareness day) the holiday where we have truly forgotten its original meaning.

For many its just another day of the year, but for those in relationships it can be really stressful. You need to buy gifts and plan either the day or at the very least a date and it all has to be romantic. Yikes! Normally this can mean spending quite a bit of money whether you have it or not, but this is St Andrews, so boo boo, I got you! Here are date and gift for every budget. These tips will make you seem like Cupid reincarnated.

High Roller ££££

Congratulations, you have some money to burn on your boo. This is a great opportunity to take a romantic, decadent, stay-cation. The Russell Hotel on the Scores is offering two different overnight packages for £150 and £170 (based on room choice) that include a nights stay, free glass of fizz, three course dinner, and a three course breakfast! Somebody is gonna get lucky!  

Splurge-r £££

If you don't have all the money in world, but are still swimming to splurge a little then you should take advantage of one of the many set menus (Valentines specific or other) around town. Forgans and Hotel du Vin are both offering Valentines specials for under £40 pounds a person. Or go to Tailend for their Gin Tasting Menu. And for a not too expensive but super creative and thoughtful gift, Timpson (the cobbler on South Street) offers engraving of products. 

Ballin' on  a Budget ££

If you're ready to make the day special, but not pay too much more than you'd pay for a cray cray night out at the Vic, then this is the option for you. Gift your date with a trip to Eden Mill for either their Beer (£15 for 2), Gin (£20 for 2) , or Whisky (£20 for 2) tours. Then cook them a romantic home-made dinner (much cheaper than going out). 

Skint £

grass, bird
Abigail Simmons

Ok, so you have pretty much the change in your pocket? Don't fear! Romance can still exist! Take them for a a hike and picnic along the Fife Coast Path. Your picnic can even be two Tesco Meal Deals, this one is really the thought that counts. Giving up your whole day just to walk, talk, and spend time with them with a beautiful view is so #romantic. And as far as gifts, you can have a Rose delivered to your boo for only £3 though the UNICEF Society, or if that's even breaking the bank a St Andrews special "coupon book" is your best friend. Offer IOU's of annoying tasks like "Good for one: early morning short loan book return so you can sleep". Now if thats not love then I don't know what is. 

Fear no more St Andrews, ya girl has got your V-day plans covered.