San Francisco is one of the top foodie destinations in America. As a Bay Area local, I have often visited this amazing city not only for its sights but for the amazing food. I discovered the Ferry Building Marketplace a couple years back when I was researching things to do in the city. After many trips in the summer, I believe I have found the best treats in the SF Ferry Building. With a range from sushi to ice cream to sliced meat, I think there is a little something for everyone to enjoy. 

1. Secret Breakfast- Humphry Slocombe

Humphry Slocombe might be my favorite ice cream establishment in the entire city. They are known for creating super unique flavors like matcha snickerdoodle and toast & jam. The most popular flavor is "secret breakfast," which is bourbon ice cream with cornflakes. I didn't think I was going to like it at first but the sweet, crunchy cornflakes with the slight warmth from the bourbon ice cream combined to make an addictive scoop of ice cream. 

#SpoonTip: They offer free samples so don't be afraid to try multiple flavors! 

2. Salumi Cone- Boccalone

Boccalone is a super unique store in the Ferry Building focusing on the glory of the pig. They offer various salami and fresh sausages that are also featured in their incredible in-store menu. Their most famous item is the salami cone, which bears a fun resemblance to an ice cream cone. I always get the mixed cone, which will feature different types of salami like prosciutto, mortadella, and coppa. My favorite part of these cones is that you can actually see the spices and nuts incorporated in the salami. Each slice of meat has its own flavor profile varying on the saltiness, spiciness, and fat content. The slices actually melt in your mouth--that's how good they are. 

3. Roast Beef Nigiri- Delica

Delica is a Japanese-California fusion deli which focuses on fresh, sustainable food. They have some really amazing salads and fried snacks, but my favorite item is the Roast Beef Nigiri. It is your typical piece of sushi but with a twist. Delica swaps out the fish for a slice of trip tip wrapped in seaweed and topped with a pile of daikon radish. A couple of these and a Yukon gold potato croquette from the fried section and I am good for the day. Delica definitely offers some of the best treats in the SF Ferry Building, especially for people who love fusion food. 

4. Pork Belly Bun- Imperial Tea Court

Samantha Yoshino

Imperial Tea Court is a Chinese restaurant located in the middle of the Ferry Building. They offer hand-pulled noodles and dim sum in the actual restaurant. Occasionally they will set up a makeshift shop in front of their restaurant that offers tea eggs, vegetable rolls, and delicious pork buns. The buns are my favorite snack because of the pillowy outside and the savory, fatty interior. I could probably eat like 5 of these at once: they are that good. 

#SpoonTip: Dip the buns in some of their chili oil for an amazing kick. 

5. Triple Chocolate Cheesecake- SF Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of my all-time favorite foods. I have been making and eating cheesecake for as long as I can remember. When I discovered this hidden gem I almost cried. SF Cheesecake makes the best treats in the SF Ferry building, hands down. They are super rich so I always get the mini version of their signature dessert. My favorite flavor is the Triple Chocolate. It has a semi-sweet chocolate cheesecake base with a chocolate cookie crust and a dark chocolate drizzle. I would probably pay $20 for one right now. This shop is really small so it can be hard to miss. It is located next to La Cocina near one of the front entrances. 

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