One of my favorite holidays is Taco Tuesday. Why, you might ask? Because it happens every single week.

With a background in Tex-Mex and a passion for Mexican food, I put my credentials to good use and made it my mission to taste and discover the best taco in Harrisonburg. 

Dedicating an entire day to complete our taco tour, two accompanied judges and myself embarked on a seven taco journey. Taking into account the tortilla, the quality and freshness of ingredients, the meat, and the overall venue aesthetics, it is with pride we bring you this comprehensive guide to Harrisonburg tacos

7. El Charro | S. Main St. 

pork, burrito, rice, salsa, tacos
Alexis Metzgar

El Charro delivers what is to be expected of a chain-style Mexican restaurant. We tried the beef and chicken taco and report nothing exceptional. The only question, why is the cheese so damn delicious? Rating = short sombrero. 

6. Jalapeño Southwest Grill | Port Republic Rd. 

beef, chicken, salsa, tacos
Alexis Metzgar

Our next two contenders mix things up a bit in the traditional taco genre. Still a chain-style restaurant, the venue and food was surprisingly satisfying. These tacos are a bit more pricy but are accompanied with a side of rice and beans. We tried the shrimp taco, served with fresh pico and cole slaw and man was it good. 

5. Magnolia's Taco & Tequila Bar | E. Water Street 

mango, salad
Alexis Metzgar

If you're wanting to step up your game, Magnolia's offers the perfect date location. These tacos will rock your socks off with their untraditional toppings and unique flavorings. Be prepared to expand your taco comfort zone. We tried the shrimp, pulled chicken, and short rib tacos; but as the menu shows, the possibilities are endless!

4. La Morena | Chicago Ave. 

fish, lime, cilantro, salsa, tacos
Alexis Metzgar

Warning: La Morena will be your new favorite hole in the wall. Part convenient store, part restaurant, La Morena offers authentic Mexican food with fresh ingredients, a salsa bar, and unparalleled authentic selections. On a good day, they even offer homemade tamales. Pictured above are the chicken, beef, and pork tacos.

3. Tacos el Primo | Reservoir St. 

beans, tacos
Alexis Metzgar

The food truck charm, the delicious (and complementary) sauces, the extensive menu, and the delicious tacos: it's not a surprise that Tacos el Primo is acclaimed as the locals favorite. Held within two corn tortillas, Tacos el Primo serves up fresh and savory ingredients to enjoy until the last bite. If you're feeling adventurous, or quite possibly drunk enough (no judgement), you can even try a beef-tounge taco. One parting note: be sure to take cash because they do not accept card.

2. La Taqueria/La Taurina Grill | N. Main St. 

salsa, chicken, fish, cilantro, lime, tacos
Alexis Metzgar

Naturally, it was hard to singlehandedly name the best taco. With a tossup, this runner up is hardly that. There are truly no words to describe the incredible, stacked tacos La Taurina has to offer. 

1. La Botana Grill | South High Ave. 

Alexis Metzgar

Located in Food Truck Park, the quaint La Botana Grill offers an all-around experience. With a thick, sturdy tortilla, flavorful meat, fresh lime, and grated cheese, these tacos are nothing short of extraordinary and earned our top ranked taco in Harrisonburg. Is it weird to state they leave a great aftertaste, as well?

With a plethora of options, Harrisonburg is crawling with authentic and delicious street tacos. If you don't trust our judgement or simply want to have your own tastebud fiesta, I dare you to do your own taco tour when the next #TacoTuesday beckons. If you're brave enough, be sure to use the #hvatacotour hashtag to document your travels and share the love for our local Shenandoah Valley tacos.