Walking throughout the Disney Parks makes for good exercise without even trying. Most people are out and about in Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom from open to close. However, between stopping to eat every ten minutes (who can resist the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars?!) and waiting in endless lines, creating that extra workout path can be a fun way to see different parts of the parks and burn some cals along the way.

Magic Kingdom

Disney World

Photo courtesy of @shaverzbt on Instagram

The main theme park features the staple rides of Disney World: Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, Splash Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Making a bee-line for Cinderella’s Castle is typical of most people, but make the most of your tour around the circle and end there last for a good walk. Depending on what your top choice is, try out these walking routes:

Counterclockwise from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland back to Cinderella’s Castle: 1.1 miles

Main Street USA to Frontierland, clockwise to Tomorrowland: 1.5 miles


Disney World

Photo courtesy of @waltdisneyworld on Instagram

Epcot has the most straight-forward set up, you either go left or right. Do you start with Canada and end in Mexico, or vice versa? Decisions, decisions. Most people go with the flow of traffic towards Canada, but you could head against the grain and back-track to get some exercise:

Future World to Canada, ending at Mexico (and vice versa): .7 miles

Future World to China, backtracking to Canada – Germany: 1.3 miles

Hollywood Studios

Disney World

Photo courtesy of @waltdisneyworld on Instagram

The movie-inspired park is old-school and enjoyable for anyone, movie buff or not. They have comedy shows, faux American Idol auditions, and sci-fi dining. There’s also plenty of nooks and crannies to make for a mini-adventure while you’re there. These routes will have you feeling like Indiana Jones himself:

Entrance to Muppet Courtyard via Pixar Place to Tower of Terror: .8 miles

Entrance to Tower of Terror to Echo Lake, around to Sunset Boulevard: 1.1 miles

Animal Kingdom

Disney World

Photo courtesy of @waltdisneyworld on Instagram

You’ll probably get the biggest workout here, because it’s spread out, on an incline, and the sought-after ride, Expedition Everest, is on the outermost point of the park. Challenge yourself and try these paths for a jungle-worthy hike:

Entrance to Africa through Asia to Expedition Everest: 1 mile

Entrance through DinoLand around to Africa, back to Discovery Island: 1.3 miles

Disney World is a workout no matter what, and while the the distances may not seem long, in the heat and the rush, it’ll definitely count as leg day. Plus if you manage all four parks in one day, that’s nearly 5 and a half miles of trekking. Mirroring Walt Disney’s famous words: if you can walk it, you can do it.