Puerto Rico not only has beautiful beaches and good music but it also has great food. There is every type of restaurant imaginable with all different types of food; from fancy restaurants in the metropolitan area to cute family owned restaurants in the mountains. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants you can find on the island: 

1. For something sweet: Señor Paleta

cake, ice
Alexis Katz

Señor Paleta sells gelato and sorbet popsicles. They opened a small store in Old San Juan a few years ago and have been a hit ever since. All the popsicles are homemade and taste delicious. If you're walking around the old city this is the perfect thing to get to help you cool down.

Location: Old San Juan 

2. For a sandwich: Pinkys

butter, sandwich, cheese
Alexis Katz

Pinkys is a small restaurant that has the best sandwiches and smoothies around. If you go around 12pm prepare to have to wait a little bit for a table because the place gets packed. If you aren't in the mood to wait or are in a rush you can also place an order to-go. Make sure to try their special sauce while you're there, it's magical!!

Location: Condado and Calle Loíza

3. For something fancy: Santaella

ginger, rice, salad, salmon
Olivia Katz

Santaella is one of Puerto Rico's top restaurants. The decor is gorgeous, the food is incredible, and the service is great. The restaurant is always crowded so make sure to make a reservation ahead of time. If you're looking to go out for a nice/special dinner this is the place to go. 

Location: Santurce

4. For people watching: la Placita 

La Placita is an area not a specific restaurant. It has tons of restaurants and bars all right next to each other. On a Thursday or Friday night this is a great place to go and sit outside and have a drink. They also have a market thats open in the day which sells local produce.

Location: Santurce

5. For Puerto Rican food: La Cueva del Mar

La Cuevita makes some of the best Puerto Rican food on the island. The restaurant has been around for years and locals love it. Everything on the menu is good and the prices are great. If you go make sure to try the fish tacos. 

Location: Calle Loíza, Old San Juan, and Guaynabo

6. For coffee: Hacienda San Pedro

Puerto Ricans love coffee more than anything. Coffee is sold pretty much everywhere and Puerto Ricans can drink it all day long. The cafe uses coffee beans that the company grows themselves from an Hacienda on the island. Hacienda San Pedro also sells food and pastries. 

Location: Santurce

7. For something healthy: Verde Mesa or Básico Jugueria 

vegetable, risotto, rice
Olivia Katz

Verde Mesa is right near Señor Paleta in Old San Juan. The restaurant has a homey vibe and the decor is very eclectic. The restaurant also makes all its food with fresh produce and there are great options to choose from.

Location: Old San Juan 

potato, toast, avocado, egg
Olivia Katz

Básico Jugueria is a vegeterian/vegan restaurant. They use all fresh produce like Verde Mesa and they plate the food beautifully. I recommend getting one of the homemade fresh juices and desserts if you go.

Location: Santurce

8. For a burger: El Hamburger

El Hamburger is a famous burger joint in Puerto Rico. If you're going to Old San Juan make sure to stop by on your way; you won't regret it. Also, their fries are bomb. 

Location: Old San Juan

9. For a classic breakfast: Kasalta

toast, orange juice, orange, juice

Kasalta is Puerto Rico's version of a deli. It is a great place to go for breakfast but they are also open for lunch and dinner. They have a huge menu and all different options.

Location: Ocean Park

10. For great views: Oceano


Oceano not only has great views but it also has great food. This is the perfect place to go for a nice lunch or for a sunset dinner. Make sure to go on a nice day because it'll make the experience 10x better. 

Location: Condado