With not much time at a given college visit, it is always a concern to take in everything you possibly can in order to assess your opinion of a school. Location, size, weather, and dorms are all critical aspects of a college campus. But, who says food isn't also?

It is necessary to know where and what you will be eating for the next four years of your life. If you want to know the best food spots while on your UVA tour, here's a perfect, delicious 24-hour hit list of all the places you must check out.

Breakfast: Bodo's Bagels

bagel, cheese, bread, sandwich, bun
Emma Nosseir

Bodo's Bagels is a Charlottesville staple. If you really want to experience what a typical UVA student might have for breakfast on a given day, come to Bodo's. Although very popular, Bodo's isn't like your typical neighborhood bagel place. They have toppings ranging from pesto to avocado to feta spread and everything in between.

#SpoonTip: Check out the Bodo's Bagels Hacks and What to Order to get the full bagel experience.

Lunch: Citizen Burger

bacon, cheese
Photo courtesy of Citizen Burger Bar

According to Style Weekly, Citizen Burger Bar, with locations throughout Virginia, is up there for one America's favorite meals. This is simply because you're pretty un-American if you don't love a good burger. 

Good is definitely an understatement when it comes to the burgers at Citizen Burger's Bar. They definitely don't disappoint with any of the other options on the menu which includes truffle fries and grilled cheese. 

Dinner: Oakhart Social

Oakhart Social, located in the center of Mid-City Charlottesville, is known for their small plates, making it a great place to come with a bunch of friends. Everything about Oakhart Social is unique. The interior has the aesthetic of an upscale, redesigned garage, and the menu combines different flavors and food groups to create an array of eclectic tastes. My personal favorite dishes are the burrata with onion jam and crostini and the pickled shrimp. 

Dessert: The Pie Chest

cake, chocolate, cream, pie, cheesecake
Juliette Sibley

The Pie Chest is a local, homey feeling pie shop, reminiscent of your grandmother's house and baking skills in the best way possible. They sell a variety of pies, savory and sweet, and have monthly, seasonal flavors, along with vegan, and gluten-free pies. I suggest the chocolate creme pie (pictured above), which they are famous for. 

#SpoonTip: Not all the pies they make are available on a day-to-day basis, and the ones that are sell quickly, but you can place a special order 48 hours in advance for a full pie, perfect for a special occasion. 

UVA was a beautiful campus with great weather, tons of school spirit, and an overwhelmingly happy student population. It's pretty obvious that the food did not disappoint as well, an important factor in college visiting. Whether I end up at UVA or not, my palate and I definitely went on an amazing adventure in Charlottesville that I will never forget. Go hoos!