Music festival season is right upon us. One of my favorites is Gov Ball, which takes place in June at Randall's Island in New York City. While the music line up is super important, the food line up is too. This summer while you're listening to Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, and Cage the Elephant, just to name a few, make sure to stop at these best places to eat at The Governor's Ball Music Festival. 

While narrowing down all of the insane food stands to eat at, these 9 places are well worth the money. Attending Gov Ball is obvs a crazy, Insta worthy experience of a lifetime, and these places are unforgettable. 

1. Momofuku Milk Bar

sprinkles, ice, ice cream, chocolate, cream
Mikaela Orenstein

While originally known for its popular b'day truffles, Momofuku became known for its cereal milk ice cream. The soft serve is creamy and delicious. Also, don't be fooled; while the cup looks on the smaller side, there is so much ice cream in it that you probably won't be able to finish it. 

2. Uma Temakeria

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Mikaela Orenstein

Uma Temakeria is one of my favorite meals I had at Gov Ball last year. The Uma-Ritto was so fresh, spicy, and perfect for an overly humid summer day. This dish comes with salmon, tuna, tobanjan mayo, cucumber, carrots, tempura crunch, and sesame seeds. If you're a sushi lover like I am, then this is the place to splurge on. 

3. MatchaBar

tea, beer
Mikaela Orenstein

Matcha has been taking over the world over the past few years. MatchaBar specializes in different matcha foods and drinks. While matcha can be kind of bitter if you have a sweet tooth, it definitely serves as a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. If you want to try something new and different, make sure to check MatchaBar out.

4. Coco & Co

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Mikaela Orenstein

I am a coconut lover so when I saw the stand for Coco & Co last year, I sprinted over there and my day was made. Coconut water has so many antioxidants and nutritional benefits that I can never turn an opportunity for it down. While the weather at last year's festival wasn't great, Coco & Co significantly cooled me down. 

5. Luke's Lobster

crab, lobster
Mikaela Orenstein

Tbh, summer should be called lobster roll season. There's nothing like fresh lobster on toasted bread while listening to some of your favorite artists perform. Luke's Lobster doesn't disappoint and will certainly fill you up. Even though lobster rolls can be expensive, it is well worth it to splurge at Gov Ball. 

6. Wafels & Dinges

sauce, chocolate
Mikaela Orenstein

Let me start off by saying I have never had such an incredible waffle in my life. While it took a little bit of time to find Wafles & Dinges in a torrential downpour, it was so worth it. There is a selection of different types of waffles depending on what your taste buds prefer, so there is something for everyone. Seriously, this waffle was to die for even if it meant standing under a tree and getting soaking wet. 

7. Wowfulls

Mikaela Orenstein

Sticking to the theme of waffles, Wowfulls's creation is super cool and all over Instagram. The combination of the waffle with ice cream and toppings is mouth watering. Also, is it really summer if you don't have ice cream from at least one trendy place? 

8. Juice Press

Mikaela Orenstein

Smoothies are another great way to cool off, and typically have fewer calories than ice cream does. If you want to enjoy yourself at Gov Ball but are still trying to eat healthy, then this is the place for you. Juice Press is sweet, fruity, and refreshing; perfect for anyone who is health conscious with a sweet tooth. 

9. Magnolia Bakery

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Mikaela Orenstein

Three words: banana bread pudding. Magnolia is seriously out of this world. The banana bread pudding is creamy, fresh, and so delicious. This is the perfect place to try at Gov Ball for a mid day snack or for dessert. You honestly can't miss out on this opportunity to try Magnolia. Your life will change for the better. Promise.

The Governor's Ball Music Festival is an amazing experience for anyone who attends. This summer with artists such as Chance the Rapper, Lorde, Phoenix, and Tool, Gov Ball is for sure going to live up to its reputation. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend this music festival, then be sure to try these 9 places for food that is out of this world.

While you might come to Gov Ball for the music, you'll definitely be staying for the food. These are without a doubt the best places to eat at at The Governor's Ball Music Festival taking place June 2nd to 4th this summer.