Most people usually only spend a day or two in Toledo. If that is your case, I hope you have time and are hungry enough to eat and drink at all of these places. If you stay for longer, I hope you like my picks enough you visit them multiple times. If you are studying abroad, on a budget, and looking for the best places in the neighborhood, these places are as good as it gets.

Coffee shops, Asian restaurants, tapas, and sangría galore: this list (and Toledo) have it all. 

For the best and most affordable tapas: Café y Tapas

Maria Townsend

I'll admit it, there are a lot of tourists at Café y Tapas. If you're like me, you want to visit the restaurants where the "locals" go. But just for a second, remember you're also a tourist and feast like one. Café y Tapas offers all the tapas classics, from montaditos to croquetas.

Go there on your first day in Toledo. This tapas experience will prepare you for the many more tapas to come.

Location: Plaza Zocodover, 11, 45001 Toledo, Spai

For the best hipster vibes and Indian food: Agapo Indie & Food

chicken, curry, rice
Maria Townsend

During my time in Toledo, I visited Agapo at least once a week and always ordered the same thing: the chicken tikka masala. If Indian food is not your thing, they also serve tasty burgers and carpaccios.

The atmosphere is very laid back, to say the least, and perfect for chillin' on a Saturday afternoon. Although they do not serve hard alcohol, their tinto de verano is excellent and they have a wide variety of local beers. 

Location: Plaza Barrio Rey, 1, 45001 Toledo, Spain

For the best coffee: Santo Café

milk, coffee, cream, chocolate, milkshake
Maria Townsend

Santo Café means holy coffee in Spanish, and this coffee is definitely holy to say the least. This little hole-in-the-wall coffee shop offers a variety of coffee drinks, including espresso, flavored lattes, and coffee frappuccinos (pictured above). Stop by after a long day of walking for a little energy boost before starting to pre-game.

Location: Cuesta Aguila 3 | Planta Baja, 45001 Toledo, Spa

For a drink with a view: Rooftop at Mercado de San Agustín

ice, cocktail, juice, sweet, alcohol, mint, liquor, strawberry, berry, lemon, vodka
Annie Timmerman

Mercado San Agustín has three floors with areas that offer different cuisines, a coffee shop, and a beer bar. Their rooftop has both an indoor and outdoor space and a complete bar serving creative drinks, classic sangria, and local beer. The music at the rooftop varies between Spanish and American hits and will please any crowd. 

I recommend getting a 7€ pitcher of sangria and sharing it with friends (or drinking it by yourself if you've had a rough day). They also offer 4€ drinks during happy hour and 2€ beers all day every day.

Location: Rooftop at Mercado San Agustín, Cuesta Águila, 1-3, 45001 Toledo, Spain

For the best croissants and coffeehouse music: La Pepa

wine, beer, coffee
Maria Townsend

La Pepa is THE study spot for study abroad students. Go in, grab a booth, order some Nespresso coffee and a croissant, and sit there for hours. After you're done with your coffee, I highly recommend their passion fruit smoothies. You will be surprised to find their playlist includes classic, relaxing American coffeehouse music.

Go to La Pepa and transport yourself to your school's Starbucks, but with better coffee.

Location: Calle Cadenas, 5, 45001 Toledo, Spain

For Asian food in Spain that exceeds your expectations: Musakaya

rice, fried rice, chicken, egg, pork
Maria Townsend
I love sushi and Musakaya offers really good sushi, but there is nothing like their fried rice (pictured above). The fried rice is made in the wok a la minute, then topped with panko-crusted chicken strips, a poached egg, and drizzled with a sweet chili sauce.

When in Toledo, this plate is a must. If you're traveling with a group that is not into Asian food, fear not. Musakaya is located within the Mercado de San Agustín, where there is something for everyone.

#SpoonTip: Order your fried rice at Musakaya and eat it at the Mercado's rooftop with a glass of sangria.

Location: Mercado de San Agustín, Cuesta Águila, 1 y 3 Puesto 2.1, 45001 Toledo, Spain

For the best all-around meal: El Nuevo Almacén

chocolate, cream
Maria Townsend

El Nuevo Almacén is my personal all-around favorite in Toledo. Their menu has something for everyone, their portions are generous, and everything I had there, I loved. This is a place where you can go have dinner with your parents, with a date, or with friends. It's a place that's perfect for every occasion.

My personal top favorite appetizers are the crispy chicken fingers with curry sauce and the croquetas. As an entrée, I would suggest the pizzas or the grilled octopus if you're feeling adventurous. Most importantly, be sure to leave room for dessert. Order the caramel oreo cookie (pictured above) or the white chocolate and apple brownie. You can thank me later.

Location: Calle Nueva, 7, 45001 Toledo, Spain

For the best way to start the night: Dragos

tea, wine
Cristina Heredia

Dragos is the bar that is great for any occasion. You can grab a drink with a friend in the afternoon to catch up or you can head over at midnight, when people are starting to pregame and Dragos is packed. No matter what the occasion, Dragos should be your go-to bar in town.

They are best known for two things: their huge glasses 2€ Sangria and their owner, Jesús, who loves to make conversation with everyone who walks into their bar. If you're feeling adventurous, ask Jesús for a shot of black vodka. You will not be disappointed. 

Location: Calle Sillería, 11, 45001 Toledo, Spain