Pizza is arguably one of the most universally-loved foods by all of mankind. What's not to love? Problems come and go but za is forever. But let's not kid ourselves, no one slice of pizza is identical. I've compiled a list of some of the best pizza slices in major cities across the US to help you avoid getting lost in the sauce.

Artichoke Basilles, Manhattan NY

It's no secret the big apple is known for its iconic signature-style and hand-tossed pies. The New-York-style originates from Italian immigrants traditional Neapolitan Pizza recipes. Its thin crust attracts tourists from all over the world to travel and take a bite. Trust me, as a Northerner, there is seriously nothing like an NYC slice. Personally, I constantly fantasize specifically about Artichoke Basilles renowned artichoke slice while away at college. This slice is as big as your face, served hot and melty, and loaded with Artichoke hearts, spinach, cream sauce, Mozzarella and Pecorino Romano cheese. A must try and seriously a pioneer in the world of NY za.

Nomad Pizza Company, Philadelphia PA

Philly is known for its cheesesteaks, although Nomad Pizza is also worth the hype. This spot emphasizes its use of organic ingredients that make their pies taste oh-so-fresh. Customer favorites include the Spicy Sopressata pizza: margarita pizza with soppressata, honey and sea salt, and the Arugula con Prosciutto pictured to the right above. They also offer service through their highly affordable food truck if you want to bring the delicious Neapolitan style pizza to a personal event or party.

Giordano's Pizza, Chicago IL

Deep dish pizza is a Chicago emblem and Giordano's is the place to get your fix. Founded in 1974, Giordano's is debated to be home to the best-stuffed pizza pie in all of Chicago. The Boglio Italian brothers founded Giordano's in 1974 and served pizza based on their mother's Easter recipe. Here you can chow down on double crusted, ricotta stuffed, and strong herby sauce topped slice. If that doesn't make you hungry, I don't know what will. It's so good you may even want to ship it to your dorm.

Antico-Pizza Napoletana, Atlanta GA

Be prepared to wait in long lines that form out the door every afternoon for a taste of the decadent pies at Antico. This place is an iconic Atlanta pizza location featuring communal tables and a lively packed environment. Distinctive pies include the one an only San Gennaro: sausage, spicy sweet pepper, buffalo mozzarella cheese and spring onions. Who said the South can't do pizza? 

Lucali Miami Beach, Miami FL

If you're from the Northeast, it's rumored that the za at Lucali's measures up to the high northern standard. The ambiance attracts an elite crowd, so you can feel ~classy af~ while grubbing on their crispy, simple and flavorful za. The head chef prides himself on making original Italian style pizza: simply delicious pies without all the flair. The menu is brief and allows you to create your own pizza pie combination with a variety of toppings. Add fresh Basil and Garlic no charge

Pizzeria Mozza, Los Angelas CA

The West Coast isn't known for its za, but Mozza's use of local California ingredients and the renowned crispy crust has made a name for itself. Like most modern and trendy restaurants in LA, Mozza is committed to "sustainability" so you can feel like a good person while chowing down on their pies. Regular customers recommend the Squash Blossoms pizza topped with fresh balls of burrata.

Cane Rosson, Houston TX

PUPPERS AND PIZZA? What could be better? Cane Rosso originated in Dallas, opened by a man returning from his Italian honeymoon. He had a passion for traditional Italian pizza and to save the lives of abandoned dogs. Along with starting the delicious pizza restaurants, he opened up a dog shelter as well. The founder's love of dogs makes each pizzeria a dog-friendly location. Enjoy traditional Neapolitan style pies with your furry friend's company.

Hopefully, these spots measure up to your pizza standards.  Next time you visit one of these cities make sure to check out these spots, they will not disappoint!