Pizza is my one true love. In sickness and in health, I know pizza will always be there for me. From the toasty crust to the rich cheesiness, pizza has never let me down. When I came to school in Atlanta, I was officially on the market for a new pizza place (and wishing there was a tinder for pizza). In my year of being in ATL, I have seen all there is to offer and found the eight most eligible bachelors—for those not catching the analogy I found the best pizza places in Atlanta. 

8. Double Zero

Why it made the list: Although Double Zero is a Spanish tapas restaurant, their pizza does not disappoint. Their trendy ambiance and proximity to Emory's campus make this place an easy fave. (I also saw Jason Bateman there once!)

Location: 1577 North Decatur Rd: Located in the center of Emory Village, this is an easy walk for Emory Students. 

Price Range: $16-19

Must try: Funghi Pizza: This pizza is perfect for anyone that loves mushrooms. It is made with a crispy crust, mushroom creme and topped with shiitake mushrooms. 

7. Mellow Mushroom

Why it made the list: Mellow Mushroom is a great option because it cuts out the unknown. You know you will be able to find one near you and you know you can order whatever pizza to your liking. The ability to customize your pizza, makes it perfect for any pizza lover (no matter how picky they are). 

Location: Of all the pizza places in Atlanta, you will see this one the most. Mellow Mushroom is a chain so it's easy to find one near you

Price: $7-20

Must try: Get creative! You are given the ability to make your pizza unique, so go for it. 

6. Savage Pizza

Why it made the list: If you want a gram as good as the pizza, Savage Pizza is the place for you. This restaurant is packed with superhero memorabilia so you can get a gram before your pizza even comes. You'll go for the super hero decor, but stay for the pizza. 

Location: 484 Moreland Ave NE: Savage Pizza is in Little Five Points and is filled with eclectic shops and restaurants. 

Price: $7-20 

Must try: The Sav-veg: This pizza is packed with veggies and topped with mozzarella and parmesan, but I would order it just because the name makes it sound badass.  

5. Sapori di Napoli

Why it made the list: This place is the epitome of authentic Italian pizza. Sapori di Napolia translates to Taste of Naples and that is exactly what they bring to their authentic restaurant. Sapori di Napoli was started by two brothers who aim (and succeed) to bring the experience of family dinners in Italy to the states. 

Location: 314 Church Street: Downtown Decatur 

Price: $11-30*

*Menu prices are not posted online, this price range is from yelp.

Must try: Pick up a warm and gooey calzoni. The best part about a calzone is that it is perfect to take home as a leftover; calzone's hold the heat and you don't have to worry about any ingredients falling off. 

4. Ammazza

Why it made the list: Simply put, Ammazza serves good pizza. Their attention to detail and focus on high quality ingredients makes show in their delicious pizza. Ammazza also serves a vegan pizza so dietary restrictions won't stop anyone from grabbing a hot slice of this pizza. 

Location: 591 Edgewood Ave.: Edgewood 

Price: $13-22

Must try: If you weren't a meat lover before, the Carne pizza will convert you. Pepperoni, Italian sausage and bacon–sign me up. 

3. Fellini's Pizza

Why it made the list: Fellini's checks off what can make a pizza place great: location (with three locations, you can surely find one hear you), minimalistic yet trendy, and pizza by the slice. 

Location: With three locations, you can find one closest to you.

Price: $3-17

Must try: Fellinis calzone's are delicious and the best way to get some slight variation if you have already eaten your way through this list.

2. Fritti

Blair Baker

Why it made the list: Fritti is a go to for me and my friends for birthdays. Along with the delicious food, the cheap prices are perfect for broke college kids. Don't let the fairly cheap price tag fool you, these pizzas are delicious.

Location: 309 N Highland Ave. NE: Fritti is right in Inman park. 

Price: $10-15

Must try: Calamari Fritti combines two delicious dishes: calamari and pizza. If calamari isn't your thing, try Crudo e Rucola. This pizza is topped with prosciutto, arugula and olive oil.  

1. Antico

pizza, crust, pepperoni, mozzarella, cheese
Hannah Mayblum

Why it made the list: Putting it simply, Antico is the best of the best. Of all the pizza places in Atlanta, I may dare to say this is the best. From the atmosphere to the delicious pizza, Antico will change the way you feel about pizza. Antico is also BYOB, must I say more? 

Location: 1099 Hemphill Ave. NW: Antico is on the westside. 

Price: $19-22 (It's a little steep, but well worth it.)

Try this: You can't go wrong at Antico, but the Lasagna pizza is not to be missed. 

Even if you don't live near Atlanta, these pizza joints are reason's enough to visit. Who knows, you might just fall in love?