Brunch is arguably the best meal. Living in Evanston, I'm always on the hunt for new brunch spots. While knee-deep in brunch research, I came across Cherry Pit Cafe. Located in Deerfield, which is just north of Evanston, this diner has been around for decades. It seemed like the perfect spot for my next brunch. 

This diner, which serves both American- and Mexican-style food, features an extensive menu. The menu proves overwhelming, and I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite items. Here are five of Cherry Pit Cafe's top dishes.

1. Crunchy French Toast

This is by far one of the best slices of French toast I've ever had. Cherry Pit Cafe's French toast is coated with honey nut oats cereal, and this item has been on the menu for decades. According to the diner, it's one of the best-selling items. I can see why.

2. Tico's Tacos

Tico's Tacos is a classic breakfast dish that consists of three flour tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo and cheddar cheese. Bonus: The potatoes that come on the side are peeled and go through the grinder every morning at the diner.

3. Huevos Rancheros

First thing's first, the portion was huge. Nothing's better than a grilled tortilla layered with refried beans, Spanish rice and two eggs any style. This is a breakfast classic, and it's done well at Cherry Pit Cafe. 

4. Banana Split Waffle 

If you're looking for something sweet, this banana split waffle is the perfect pick for you. Consisting of waffles with three scoops of ice cream, banana and whipped cream, this dish is sure to curb that sweet tooth.

5. Chilaquiles

Another classic Mexican-style dish. The Chilaquiles is made with lightly fried corn tortillas, green salsa, refried beans and Monterrey jack cheese. It's topped with two eggs. My stomach is growling just looking at this cheesy-goodness. 

Final Thoughts

This diner is definitely worth a try. After experiencing this diner, I highly recommend it. The best part? The food came out quickly, and the staff was extremely friendly (a worker even jumped out of the window to help me find the entrance). Bonus: Free parking is available toward the back of the building too.

So, if you're looking to step up your brunch game, stop in at Cherry Pit Cafe. You need to try this place.