Calories is just another eight-letter word on vacation, but in Ocean City, New Jersey, if you live by that rule you may need to be rolled home. A slice here and a cone there isn’t anything damaging, after all, what’s an enjoyable stay near the boards if you don’t enjoy the food? But it is nice to know the nutritional basics of your favorite food at the Jersey Shore:

Small Chocolate or Vanilla Cone (130-140 Calories)

Ocean City, NJ

Photo by Rebecca Poole

Kohr Bros Frozen Custard, AKA Heaven, is located 5 times on the boardwalk, so there’s plenty of temptation for a sweet treat and none of the guilt. The surprising calorie-count is no lie – there’s less sugar and fat than ice cream, but all of the flavor. Of course, that doesn’t count the jimmies that you just have to add on top.

Polish Water Ice (140 Calories)

Ocean City, NJ

Photo courtesy of @caseyirwin97 on Instagram

Water ice is the ultimate refreshing treat to grab during a beach day, and one that won’t come with a flock of seagulls on your heels. They serve popular flavors like Blue Raspberry and Pina Colada, or unique options like Root Beer and Sweetish Fish. What the ice lacks in calories it makes up for in sugar, but when in OCNJ…

Apple Cider Doughnut (230 Calories)

Ocean City, NJ

Photo courtesy of @ovesrestaurant on Instagram

Baking up their fresh & famous Apple Cider Doughnuts since 1970, Oves Restaurant on 4th is hard to resist, especially when you walk by and the smell reaches your nose. I mean, apples are fruit, so it’s not all unhealthy sugar and carbs.

Slice of Cheese Pizza (300 Calories)

Ocean City, NJ

Photo courtesy of @jerseyfoodies on Instagram

It’s hardly a vacation in OCNJ if you don’t go to Manco & Manco at least once a day. I may or may not be speaking from personal experience. The secret is the ratio of cheese to sauce. Some places have too much of one, but this local staple gets it just right, every time. It’s worth the lines and worth the calories, trust me.

Banzai Berry Bowl (350 Calories)

Ocean City, NJ

Photo by Rebecca Poole

Yoasis on 12 & Boardwalk and Asbury Ave. serves up refreshing and filling açaí bowls jam packed with antioxidants. My personal favorite is the Banzai Berry, which includes pure acaí, strawberry, blueberry, apple juice blend topped with granola, sliced banana, blackberries,  raspberries, shredded coconut, and agave. Now that’s a mouthful.

Monkey Bread (500 Calories)

Ocean City, NJ

Photo courtesy of @monkeybreadbw on Instagram

A sugar overload in all its gooey, cinnamon, buttery goodness, Monkey Bread will have you running in the AM to get one right out of the oven, and running back home to work it off. (Not near NJ? Make your own).

Boardwalk Fries (650 Calories)

Ocean City, NJ

Photo by Dylan Khor

Yup, unfortunately, the staple shore food in Jersey (with just the right amount of vinegar and ketchup, might I add) is also resting comfortably on the unhealthy end of the spectrum. So maybe grab a friend to share the regular sized cup with, and a regret-free stay is looking promising.

A stay in Ocean City, NJ, is meant to be relaxing, fun, and a home away from home, so don’t get tide down by the calories; knowing the calories of boardwalk classics makes your life a little easier (and healthier).