By now, everyone is probably wondering why NYC residents have nothing better to do than stand around and observe the plight of a rat that seems to have an appetite for cheesy pizza.

The truth is, when your train is running with delays, a hungry rat becomes A1 entertainment.

Pizza Rat

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On September 21, a video was uploaded to YouTube of a rat struggling to carry a large slice of pizza down the steps of a NYC subway. The video went viral and over 7 million people watched with their fingers crossed, cheering on the furry fiend.

Just when it seemed like the world was tuning into more pressing matters, like the 2016 election, pizza rat made another star-studded appearance, but this time, he had a costar.

On October 8, a video was uploaded to Instagram of 2 rats fighting for their right to enjoy a cheesy slice. Who will win this epic battle? Which rat will earn the right to carboload like a true champion? Stay tuned.

Until then, check out the video below:

I win today, interwebs. #subwayrat #teampizza #pizzarat #pizzaparty

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