I may be a biased Brooklynite, but there are some things Brooklyn just does better. Sushi is definitely one of them. It might not be sushi that's set on fire or topped with the craziest ingredients, but it’s tasty and fresh, and it doesn’t break the bank.

Sheepshead Bay—yes, that neighborhood all the way at the southernmost tip of Brooklyn—is a hub for sushi. Restaurants are situated right next to fish markets so ingredients are fresh. The rent is not as steep as in Manhattan, and that’s reflected in the very fair price. Plus, you’re never too far from a waterfront, which is just an added bonus.

If you’re now excited to traverse all the way to Brooklyn but don’t know where to start, here are my recommendations for which Sheepshead Bay sushi places should make your list.


Chikurin is a Brooklyn staple that hails locations all over the borough (and a few in Queens). The Sheepshead Bay location isn’t the one I frequent most, but it’s a great location nonetheless. The atmosphere is fun and modern, which creates an engaging dining experience. The food—which is, of course, the main attraction—is consistently tasty and consistently inexpensive. My usual order involves rolls on rolls on rolls ($2.50 rolls to be exact).


Elegance meets flavor at Mitoushi, one of the many sushi restaurants lining Sheepshead Bay Road. It’s probably the priciest option on this list, but the upscale ambiance and interesting menu options make it well worth it. It's a fusion restaurant, evident in the creativity on their menu (just take a look at the Chef's Special Rolls). I highly recommend trying their various mussel or oyster dishes, each of which comes with unique sauces.


Right across the street from Mitoushi is a swankier joint, Masakari. This restaurant is a more contemporary option both in food and décor. The fusion cuisine makes for unique dishes, such as spicy salmon chips. The fried green tea ice cream is also a standout. As far as presentation goes, some of your dishes may come with a light show attached—not quite edible, but very Insta-worthy. 


If you’re looking for a nice meal away from the usual city bustle, then this is the place for you. Kawaii is located in a smaller, quieter part of Sheepshead Bay known as Avenue U. Mixing it up further are my suggested dishes from Kawaii, which involve no raw fish. Their takoyaki, which is a ball made out of octopus, gives you a taste of authentic Japanese street food. For the main course, try one of their teriyaki dishes, which come with noodles and rice, as well as the best teriyaki sauce I've ever had.


Tenda is another Sheepshead Bay Road staple–and it may have to claim the title of my favorite. Tenda offers hefty pieces of extremely fresh sushi and sashimi, and the specialty rolls are ginormous. With any dish you order, you'll never feel like you’re being skimped. The one dish I urge everyone to try is the volcano salad: crab meat and shrimp mixed in with seaweed, cucumbers, and crunch for texture—and all topped with a generous amount of avocado. It doesn’t get better than that.