Whether we’re hanging out with friends, exploring a new place, attending events, or simply relaxing, summer gives us plenty of opportunities to go outside. Eventually, we’ll get a little hungry, which, time, turns into all-out hanger. Brooklyn has multiple ways to get around this problem, so there are fewer reasons to be super hangry and more reasons to eat.

1. Vis à Vis


Photo courtesy of @visavisny on Instagram

Vis à Vis has amazingly high-quality food without the neverending commute to your favorite fancy-schmancy restaurant in Soho. The service is always on point, so you don’t have to worry about waiting a long time to dig into that order of eggs Benedict that you have your eyes glued to.

2. Roll n Roaster


Photo courtesy of @lifooodie on Instagram

This foodie haven allows you to have cheese on basically anything you lay eyes on. It’s the best place to go to for your cheese fries addictionlemonade, a burger, and everything else. Although it’s located in South Brooklyn, it’s definitely worth the trip.

3. Chikurin


Photo courtesy of @pupsgo11 on Instagram

Are you craving sushi while exploring Brooklyn, but don’t know where to go? They got your back. With multiple locations in Brooklyn and fast service, Chikurin serves some of your favorite sushi rolls. New to sushi? Have no fear. Your newbie guide is right here to assist you.

4. Brennan and Carr


Photo courtesy of @oldirtybrendan on Instagram

If you’ve lived in Brooklyn for a while, you might have heard of this classic restaurant. It’s one of those places where your family has most likely gone to for generations. They’re now passing the torch down to you. Their roast beef is best in town and their onion rings are out of this world. Come here with a friend and eat ASAP.

5. Café Dada


Photo courtesy of @erinkmayer on Instagram

If you’re looking for a cute little restaurant, there is no better place than Café Dada. This cute and small restaurant is located in Park Slope and has something for everyone. Come at any time of the day alone or with a friend, and bring your manners, too.

6. Purity Diner


Photo courtesy of @mo_cahill on Instagram

Located in the heart of Park Slope, this cute diner is ideal for a Sunday brunch. It is usually not overly crowded, which makes it a perfect place to catch up with your friends and not have to yell at each other. The food is excellent along with their great service. By the end of the day, this might be one of the best diners you’ve tried in the city.

7. L & B Spumoni Gardens


Photo courtesy of @c.fenimore on Instagram

What would a visit to Brooklyn be without eating some of the best pizza ever? A sad visit to Brooklyn. You would not want to leave Brooklyn without having slices of this pizza which are highly loved by Brooklynites and real New Yorkers. Got some extra slices? Use your leftover pizza for breakfast the next day.

8. Bogota Latin Bistro


Photo courtesy of @a_lovely_xo on Instagram

Looking for a little more flavor and fun to add to your meal? With savory food for everyone being offered at all hours of the day, this place is a must-go either alone or with friends. For the absolute quickest service, come here for brunch with your best friends.

9. House of Small Wonder


Photo courtesy of @lilhkim on Instagram

In this modern Brooklyn restaurant, you’ll leave with a lot of small wonders on how the food ever got to be so good. This place is ideal for when you want to have a good meal in peace either alone or with a friend. With multiple inspirations from the Europeans, it allows you to have a unique experience each time you go.