Welcome to Atlanta, the city with too many streets called Peachtree, that offers me so much stress that I combat with, you guessed it, Mexican food. I love Mexican food, and so I surround myself with people who also love it. This makes things a lot less frustrating when we are all trying to reach a consensus of where we want to eat because you know what? Exploring the Atlanta Mexican restaurant scene more than once a week would not be the same with haters in our ears.  

Atlanta is a cultural hub, bringing together so many people from outside of this bumbling city, and with so much movement also comes so much delicious exotic food. Around Georgia Tech alone there's Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Cuban (shout-out to my main Papi's), and the list goes on. 

But, what we're all here for - Mexican food!

Here's 10 of the best (by mine and the Internet's say) Atlanta Mexican restaurants...

1. Elymr's

I came across this restaurant on a search through Atlanta for a well made and different quesadilla, and this place impressed. It's lively and edgy (warning: smoking is allowed in the restaurant), and the food they serve is as big (if not bigger) than the place's personality. Their hipster burritos are the size of small children, and the quesadillas cover the whole plate. They know how to please.

2. Tin Lizzy's Cantina

My family and I love Tin Lizzy's - the queso and salsa are perfect. Imagine a perfectly creamy and thick queso and a chunky and flavorful salsa to prepare yourself. Their quesadillas are really interesting takes on the classic Mexican dish, offering one of Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch, and a BBQ Chicken. Both are awesome, or you could just go for the Cantina Quesadilla to satisfy your chicken and cheese cravings. They also have a great take on nachos - tater tots served with queso.

3. Chuy's 

Fun decor, cool music, served strictly fresh and homemade. I can't say I've been here, but with some research, I'm dying to go. It just looks so fun and happy! Serving size is real, the food looks delicious and receives praise all over the web, the chips are crispy and the margaritas are served cold (or even frozen) and strong. 

4. Superica

Superica created fun with their live music, Sangria wine, and trendy brunch. Everything on the menu is delicious - from their queso with chorizo (pictured above) to their Chicken Fajita Nachos to their fun take on a cheeseburger served with a Frito Pie. Their chili relleno, enchiladas, and fajitas will have you coming back for more guaranteed. 

5. Bell Street Burritos

Named by USA Today as one of the top 10 best burritos in America, you could say this place is a pretty big deal. Their burritos are served classic - you choose the meat/vegetable, and they throw in pinto beans, cheese, rice, and salsa, and then you are offered a selection of free extras to spice it up (literally). And they serve their quesadillas and their tacos essentially in the same style because you can't go wrong with optimizing the basics.

6. Alma Cocina

If you're looking for authentic Mexican, you can stop right here. This place is all about serving vibrancy, feeding Latin and Mexican soul into the heart of Atlanta. Food is an art form at this more upscale restaurant, and their menu reflects such with their outstanding Chicken Mole, Braised Goat Huarache, and Crispy Cod Tacos. Also, their fried Chihuahua cheese and Guacamole and Salsa Tastings are delicious starts to any meal.

7. The Original El Taco

Serving Tex-Mex to all amigos, El Taco was voted "Best Mexican" by CitySearch with their unique tacos, classic fajitas, and salsa bar. The chef keeps things very interesting by mingling flavors that make you question the expected. I highly recommend the "Mexican" Pizza and their Fried Chicken Taco. Make your heart happy.

8. No Mas! Cantina

This place is beautiful; I love their incorporation of vibrant colors in their artisan-crafted decor. They add something special to every plate, specializing in fajitas and tacos (shrimp tacos pictured above). Their Queso Loco (queso with fajita chicken, fajita steak, chorizo and pico de gallo) makes my mouth water just from reading the raves. 

P.S. They deliver!

9. Tacos & Tequilas Mexican Grill

Oh, look at that - they just listed my two favorite things. Bless. Their drink menu is WILD, serving every type of margarita you can think of (watermelon, jalapeño, coconut, chipotle, and more). They also have a full page tequila selection. This place is a party. Their queso fundido with chorizo is a house favorite, and their empanadas will leave you wanting more. This menu covers everything and even includes skinny options for those pre-pool meals

10. La Fonda Latina

Frequent is an understatement for how many times I actually go here. Their plates are huge and never disappoint. Their queso is delicious and you will NEVER have an empty chip or salsa bowl (delicious salsa comes free). They cater towards Spanish, Cuban, and Mexican tastes with their eclectic menu. I highly recommend the Spanish paella, Cuban sandwiches, and of course, the Mexican quesadillas.

Honorable Mentions

11. La Cocina - delicious quesadillas!

12. Prickly Pear - get ready to down a pitcher of margaritas before, during, and after your meal!

Also, if you don't want to spend money going out to eat to satisfy your Mexican food cravings, there's nothing wrong with hosting your own Mexican night! Expand your culinary expertise and DIY.

Now, follow your heart and listen to your stomach. See you around the Atlanta Mexican restaurant circuit.