I eat an abnormal amount of Mexican food per week, which not only might break me, but it also might break my bank. In trying to compromise with myself, I plan on going to college with high culinary aspirations, starting off with a homemade Mexican food night with my friends. The perfect way to reunite with the people you've spent all summer without, your Mexican night will be an affordable and fun way to catch up and just hang out. 

First thing's first, Tasty and Delish

Let them become your best friends. I can and will literally spend hours watching recipe and food videos, saving my favorite ones on Facebook with hopes of coming back to them and expanding my nonexistent culinary skills. 

Appetizer: Chicken Fajita Nachos

What even would be a Mexican restaurant that doesn't serve tortilla chips? The gooey factor of this cheesy layered plate must be outrageous, and the flavors from the grilled peppers and onions are going to add the perfect smokiness and freshness, making it hard to save room for the upcoming food.

Main Course #1: Crunchwrap Supreme

I know Taco Bell really isn't Mexican food BUT it's too good to refuse. I believe that this is not only just as good, but definitely even better than the Taco Bell classic (and I'm the Taco Bell kid). It only takes 45 minutes, and everyone will be impressed. Yes, including you. It's just so perfect.

Main Course #2: Chicken Tamale Pie

Chicken Tamale Pie

on Delish

Challenge: what's better than a layer of cornbread topped with cheesy chicken? There's no right answer. And it involves box mix, which I'm all about because cooking is hard. It's literally a poke cake of corn bread with enchilada sauce and yummy cheesy chicken.  Should I say it again or do you think you got the picture?

Main Course #3: Slow Cooker Chicken Quesadillas

I love the idea of using a slow cooker. Just prepping the chicken the night before, putting it in the slow cooker in the AM, and coming back home after a long day to cooked chicken and a hopefully fully intact apartment.  

The recipe prepares  fresh quesadillas with all the pico de gallo and limes. Everyone knows you can't do Mexican food without quesadillas. That would be borderline criminal.

Main Course #4: Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers with Pepper Jack

This recipe was super interesting! I love the crunch and flavor of bell peppers, and the juices would add a fun taste to the rice, turkey, tomato, onion, and cheese mixture. It's like a burrito in a pepper, gluten free kind of way, which sounds delicious to me. 

Second, Tipsy Bartender and Other Drinks.

You need something to wash down all the deliciousness.  And something to get some conversation flowing... So, what's the Mexican alcohol? TEQUILA.

Drink #1: Spicy Margarita with Jalapeño and Ginger

Honestly, I think this will not only get you drunk but also cure you of any illness and congestion. It's a mix between a detox shot and a tequila shot, so you definitely have to take more than one. Or even have it be a sip drink, keep it classy.

Drink #2: Watermelon-Basil Margarita

This looks like such a fun drink. Using watermelon cubes as ice, infusing tequila with basil, pureeing watermelon and sugar for added sweetness and texture, it's sure to impress any guest and it's actually rather easy to pull off. 

Drink #3: Paloma (oh look, something that's not a margarita!)

Tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and club soda - yum. Super easy to make (just mix everything together) and super pretty (the grapefruit adds a beautiful color). I'm excited about this one!

Now, go grab some sombreros and some friends and start the fiesta.