What better way to spend a Sunday night than to order pizza and watch the Oscars? This year, we took it a step further by hosting our viewing party at Falling Sky Pizzeria and Public House, the first pub on the University of Oregon campus. The ERB Memorial Union, known as the EMU, recently added this pizzeria and brewery to the campus hub, and its menu is everything we dreamed it would be. In true foodie fashion, we sampled their menu and compiled a list of the best foods Falling Sky has to offer.

1. The Hearty Salad

oil, spinach, salad
Jeffrey Ho

Comfort food in salad form? We thought this day would never come. Salads are typically reminiscent of warmer days, but the roasted vegetables and caramelized onions in Falling Sky's hearty salad made me feel at peace with the pouring rain and bitter cold of winter (though now that I think of it, I am so ready for Spring Term). Check out this salad next time you need to feel those home cooked vibes but want to stray from your typical winter comfort foods.

2. Meatballs

Jeffrey Ho

I don't typically eat red meat, but these meatballs are worth a taste. These classic Italian-style meatballs are moderately seasoned and paired with a classic marinara sauce. If you prefer white meat like I do, try making these turkey meatballs at home.

3. Local Squash Stir Fry

Jeffrey Ho

Caramelized onions and red wine vinaigrette add subtle sweetness to this locally sourced stir-fry. The hearty flavor of seasonal roasted vegetables and brown rice make this dish another favorite of the Oregon Spoon team. 

4. Chicken Wings

Jeffrey Ho

A pub menu would not be complete without chicken wings, but Falling Sky takes it to the next level. We sampled three flavors: pesto, barbecue and buffalo, each one unique and delicious. The crowd favorite had to be the Buffalo Wings, which has the perfect balance of spice and tang that made us go back for more. A classic ranch dip was the icing on top of this savory cake. 

5. Pizza

tomato, sauce, mozzarella, cheese, dough, pepperoni, crust, pizza
Jeffrey Ho

While the other menu items at Falling Sky took us by surprise (fried rice at a pizzeria?!) their killer pizza was inevitably the winner of our menu taste test. Bursting at the seams with pepperoni, salami, Canadian bacon, and ground Italian sausage, their Butcher Time pizza prevails. A thick, pillowy crust cushions the gooey cheese and layers of fresh meat, while marinara sauce adds a hint of sweetness to this otherwise savory masterpiece.

If four layers of meat sound a bit intimidating, fear not. The Emerald City Agate is just as hearty and satisfying as any meaty pie, and a favorite among herbivores and carnivores alike. A perfectly balanced arugula pesto is the base for this hearty yet healthy vegetarian pizza, topped with artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, feta, and black olives. 

Whether you're feeling adventurous or craving the comfort of a classic slice of pizza, Falling Sky Pizzeria and Public House is your next go-to. Perfect for watching the game, grabbing a bite to eat with friends, or meeting for a group project, Falling Sky is conveniently located at the EMU on campus. If you want to sample their menu like we did, check out their website for more information about catering, space rentals, and hours.