Ah, spring–the weather is *finally* warming up, midterms and finals are fast approaching, and, sadly, we only have a few months left on campus until we say our goodbyes for the summer. But, we still have a couple of months to enjoy the friends, fun, and, of course, the food of Providence. From bistros to quick bites to glamorous restaurants, this city has a lot to offer the foodie in you. In fact, you may even have just enough time to discover the perfect first date spot.

Don't panic! "Cuffing season" may seem like it's past, but you still have time to work up the courage to ask the cute guy who sits next to you in class for coffee, or to see if that friend from your hall wants to be more than friends, or even to meet an entirely new special someone on your next night out.

Thankfully, loads of cozy, trendy, and, of course, romantic first date spots fill every corner of Providence. Here is a list of classics and new locales for you to try before your next adventure–I can't promise you'll avoid awkward silences or first-date jitters, but I can guarantee an amazing food experience at these infallible Providence staples.

The Coffee Date 

Most college students crave a caffeine fix, so why not venture with your new companion for some coffee and conversation? Here are my picks for the best places to sip and chat:

1. White Electric Coffee

White Electric boasts amazing locally-roasted iced and hot beverages to satisfy any coffee connoisseur's craving right near campus on Federal Hill. The interior is eclectic and exciting–the café contains dozens of classic arcade games, so you can challenge your date to a friendly and nostalgic competition to help break the ice. 

2. Bolt Coffee

Bolt's lattes are as beautiful as they are delicious, which is fitting since they serve up their brews in the RISD museum, close to campus. Enjoy a warm beverage with your date and browse the museum's extensive collection for a fun indoor activity.

3. Blue State Coffee

Although you will almost definitely run into someone you know, and it will almost definitely be an uncomfortable interaction, Blue State is a campus favorite and located right on Thayer Street. Enjoy one of their famous roasts any way you like, and pair it with a delicious pastry or sandwich. Your date will definitely enjoy their Blue State experience, no question.

The Brunch Date

My favorite meal is brunch. Brunch is a perfect excuse to sleep super late and enjoy your favorite breakfast foods at a new hour of the day. Of course, there are ample brunch places near campus where you can enjoy your date, but here are my favorites:

4. Meeting Street Café

Although trendy brunch places can be fun and exciting, to me, nothing beats the classic diner experience. Meeting Street is centrally located right off Thayer Street, has huge portions of delicious food, and serves breakfast all day. Be a trendsetter and suggest brunch for dinner if you're feeling it–if your date shares your passion for this food genre, they'll be down.

5. The Duck and Bunny

Stroll down to Wickenden Street with your date on a nice morning and get to know each other while enjoying the quality brunch plates from this Providence favorite with a homey atmosphere. Save room for dessert–their cupcakes are my favorite in the whole city.

6. Andrea's

Another Thayer Street favorite, Andrea's offers both Mediterranean-inspired dishes and brunch classics on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Andrea's has been serving up delicious plates for years in their romantic restaurant–rumor has it many first dates here have been successful.

The Dinner Date

Whether you're going for the classic dinner and a movie or are simply ready to enjoy a legit meal with your new flame, Providence has got cuisine from all corners of the world for you to try. Here are my favorite dinner spots with romantic flare and satisfying fare:

7. Xaco Taco

This casual Mexican joint located just down College Hill is the perfect spot to enjoy dinner with your date without making things too formal, too fast. They have tons of tacos (& more) to choose from–plus, they serve up $2 tacos from 3-5pm, so consider turning your dinner date into a (very) happy hour.

8. Pasta Beach

Pasta is a foolproof way to bring two people together, and Pasta Beach is my favorite place to get my pasta fix near campus in Wayland Square. The atmosphere is quiet and romantic, giving you the perfect arena to enjoy some Italian food and get to know each other.

9. Wong's Kitchen

Wong's is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed pho date or to sample a few of their ample appetizers. The restaurant is chill, the service is fantastic, and it's located right near the SciLi; it's the perfect place to warm up and get to know your date before the year is over.

So, don't hesitate–if nothing else, your new first date spot is a great excuse to venture around Providence and sample some of the fabulous eateries in the city we call home.