Just a few blocks off College Hill is a restaurant called The Duck and Bunny,  a snuggery.  The dictionary defines a snuggery as a "cozy or comfortable place."  On its website, the restaurant itself claims to "create a space that [is] as much a work of art as the food itself," a "sanctuary away from the noise."  But what does that mean in real life?  I recruited some (very willing) friends to brunch to explore.

The Food:

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Isabel Guarnieri

To start, let's discuss the most important aspect: the food. Each item on the menu has an adorable name to go with it. From the fantastic "Snuggery Cakes," which includes two giant pancakes with two mix-in toppings of your choice, to the many different crepes, including "The Rachel and Monica," a goat cheese and tomato crepe, and "The Chubby Ella," with Nutella and bananas, there is something to satisfy every palette. To top it off, they also offer an expansive list of coffees, teas and award-winning Portuguese bread pudding.

The Decor:

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Isabel Guarnieri

To our delight, the decor lives up to the website’s promises.  The interior is stunning and cheery - each room has its own chandelier, and there are vases of flowers everywhere. It feels like the home of a wealthy grandmother; cozy, but fancy. Even the bathroom is adorable. My personal favorite part, though, are the paintings on the walls. They are all depictions of famous paintings, with ducks and bunnies instead of people. There is the Duck with the Pearl Earring and Vincent Van Bunny’s famous blue self-portrait.  

The Cupcakes:

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Isabel Guarnieri

Technically, cupcakes are still food. But since they are the highlight, the cupcakes deserve a special mention.. Baked fresh daily, The Duck and Bunny has a different selection each day, and there is always a vegan and a gluten free option. They make over forty different types of cupcakes and offer ten on any given day. And they are absolutely amazing.

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Isabel Guarnieri

The Duck and Bunny offers brunch and afternoon tea every day, and even hosts weddings and other events. And, more importantly, they offer Mega-Cupcakes, giant cupcakes that feed 10-12 people. That’s definitely something to go back for. The Duck and Bunny completely fulfills the definition of a snuggery: the homey feel, the fantastic food and the beautiful decorations. It is cozy and beautiful, and if that is what it means to be a snuggery, then sign me up.

coffee, beer, tea
Isabel Guarnieri

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