Kirksville, Missouri. Not a place many people know, but it is underrated in so many ways. Date spots in Kirksville, MO might just surprise you. 

What makes Kirksville so great you ask? Well, Kirksville is surrounded by untapped, beautiful landscapes of parks and lakes just waiting for that checkered blanket to be set upon them (and by that I mean picnics). While you could go for the classic date of dinner and a movie or bowling, which is flirty and fun (I mean there is pizza and you can't go wrong with bowling and pizza), but there are so many other things that can take that first, second or hundredth date to the next level.

Train Bridge

By far the best date spot in Kirksville, MO is the mystical and thrilling train bridge. Take your date to the train bridge at night, where the limited lights of Kirksville allow all the stars to come out as you can feel the thrilling wind of the trains go by. As you hear and feel the train whiz by, you feel your heart in your stomach and you ride the high of adrenaline rushing through your body. You can also grab a blanket and some hot coca, drive to the train bridge, set out the blanket on the grass, enjoy stargazing and the beautiful night air. 

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Thousand Hills, or any park/lake

Kirksville is home to many secluded and romantic areas. Thousand Hills is a lake and park, located closest to Kirksville, where you can take your date on a picnic and enjoy the food you brought/made, or food made together! A picnic can be a romantic date and can offer quality time to get to know each other, as well as make some time for secret snogging (I promise I won't tell).

Other beautiful parks and quiet date spots in Kirksville, MO include Hazel Creek Lake and Forest Lake, which provide great grassy areas for picnics, stargazing and hand holding. 

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Nurachi or Take Root

Upgrade your classic restaurant with the boring elevator music to one of two alternative restaurants for your date spot in Kirksville, MO:

Restaurant numero uno is Nurachi. Nurachi is a Mongolian barbecue joint offering an alternative method to their madness. Its like a create your own meal type of thing, where you pick everything you want in your meal that can fit in one bowl including the amount of meat, what type of meat, all the vegetables you can dream of, an egg, rice, egg noodles or rice noodles and... woah I'm getting excited just thinking about it. This restaurant offers a creative and delicious place to have a casual date, which can be paired with any combination of activities. 

Restaurant numero dos is called Take Root Cafe which provides jaw dropping food options, while also providing an unconventional way to pay for your meal. 

This is a place that is a hero to all, a holy grail of good morals and a place to impress your significant other. Take Root allows you to pay for your meal by volunteering your time. Its revolutionary AND community friendly. You can pay for your meal by volunteering 1 to 3 hours of your time. This allows the perfect date spot, where you can take your date to volunteer, which can be enjoyable, rewarding, doesn't break the bank and you can get to know each other on a deeper level. 

Although this date may be kind of alternative and may not seem like something people wanna do, but I sure think it is a win, win, win situation all around. You will give your date a killer impression, have some fun and give back to the community. 

Del and Norma Robison Planetarium

For those cold and gloomy Kirksville days, the Del and Norma Robison planetarium is perfect, especially in the winter. The dark theater and amazing light shows offers a place to get cuddly and cozy next to each other and share an experience beyond anything you can imagine. 

Shows featuring Stevie Wonder and a survey of the planets provide a date that is out of this world, literally. 

So when you're running out of date ideas, jump out of the box a little and experience something a little different. There will always be restaurants, bowling alleys and farmers markets (which are killer too), but impress your date with new and innovative date spots in Kirksville, MO. I promise you won't be disappointed