Being in college means a lot of things, but one of the biggest milestones you get to enjoy is turning 21. Purdue offers a good selection of bars to choose from on your night out, but here is an introductory list for those just starting their Thirsty Thursday outings:

Jake's Roadhouse - Scooby Snacks

If Midori and coconut milk are right up your alley, then this is the shot for you. A perfect mix of creaminess and fruitiness, this is the shot you want if you don't like the taste of alcohol.

Brothers - O Bombs

O Bombs may not be specific to Purdue, but Brothers has $1 O Bombs every Thursday (the best day to celebrate any birthday on Purdue's campus). For those unfamiliar with O Bombs, you are given a pint of red bull and a shot of Bacardi Orange. As with other bomb shots, you drop the shot into the pint and chug.

308 On State - Electric Lemonade

A grown-up version of lemon-lime soda that's sure to hit the spot. Like Scooby Snacks, this is the best drink to get if you're not looking for the taste of alcohol.

Where Else - $.25 Bud Light Bottles

If drinking expensive mixed drinks and shots aren't your thing, hit up Where Else on Wednesdays for $.25 Bud Light bottles. While other liqueurs may do the trick faster, you can't beat the low prices on bottled beer. If beer isn't exciting enough, try making a few of these unique shots as a pregame before your big night out.

Neon Cactus - Long Island

The Cactus is a great place to fill up your cup with cheap drinks (quarter beers anyone?), but if you're really looking to kick the night off, a classic long island is the way to go. Make sure to bring your Cactus cup, or buy one just past the entrance. 

Harry's Chocolate Shop - Birthday Shot

We saved the best for last. I don't want to spoil this drink for you - it's an experience you need to go into blind. Our advice? Save this shot for the last one of the night. If you end up regretting it, just make these yummy birthday cake shots at home later.

There are many drink options available at every bar at Purdue - and plenty more options if you go across the river and explore downtown Lafayette. For those of you sticking around on campus, enjoy a crazy night out on campus and drink responsibly!