If there’s one thing the nation’s capital is known for besides its monuments, it’s Washington DC’s famous cupcake shops. It’s an easy dessert to make, so if you’re going to go out and buy some you might as well get some bang for your buck. As a resident of the DC, Maryland, Virginia area (DMV), I dislike waiting in long lines for a good cupcake. However, your taste buds can tell you these five cupcakes shops are worth every minute.

1. Baked & Wired

georgetown cupcakes

Photo courtesy of @awon96 on Instagram

Baked & Wired was a relatively new cupcake shop when I came to visit Georgetown four years ago. Since then, it has boomed into a famous cupcakery with its catchy name, deliciously large cupcakes and creative coffee cafe.

The combination of cafe and bakery are harmonized, but going into Baked & Wired is not for the faint of heart. If you want a basic vanilla cupcake, make your own at home. At Baked & Wired, patrons choose from a huge variety of cupcakes including Uniporn & Rainho, Pretty Bitchin’ and Elvis Impersonator AKA The Unporked Elvis.

2. Sprinkles Cupcakes

georgetown cupcakes

Photo courtesy of @sprinklescupcakes on Instagram

Sprinkles Cupcakes‘ baked goods and ice cream are the perfect for any occasion. Their juicy cherry cupcakes (pictured above) are exactly as described: juicy, soft and sweet. Some Sprinkles cupcakes are seasonal, so don’t forget to check if your favorite is heading out the door soon.

Sprinkles even has cupcakes for dogs, so if that’s not a reason to go I don’t know what is. And if you’ve heard of a cupcake ATM, a vending machine with cupcakes, but don’t remember which shop came up with the idea, it’s Sprinkles. Although there currently isn’t an ATM in The District, you can find them in many cities.

3. The Cakeroom

georgetown cupcakes

Photo courtesy of @the_cakeroom on Instagram

Even the name Cakeroom makes me want to live there — who wouldn’t want a room full of cake? This lovely little bake shop has adorable cupcakes like these bumblebee ones, and is the place to go if you want yours personalized. Cakeroom will inscribe whatever you want on to your delicious cupcakes and will even put custom pictures and logos on them too.

4. The Sweet Lobby

georgetown cupcakes

Photo courtesy of @gonzalezdebby on Instagram

The Sweet Lobby has macaroons and cupcakes — they even top off their cupcakes with macarons for a double sugar rush. That way you will never have to choose between their amazing cupcakes and delicious macarons. It’s the perfect shop for any indecisive cupcake-lover.

5. Buttercream Bakeshop

georgetown cupcakes

Photo courtesy of @bttrcrmbakeshop on Instagram

If you ask me, buttercream is the best type of cupcake frosting, and this bake shop helps make all buttercream fanatics’ dreams come true with every bite of their decadent cupcakes.