Looking for next-level ways to eat these French favorites? Search no further. Try these seven macaron mashups to enjoy tasty twists on this timeless classic.

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich


Photo courtesy of abcnews.go.com

Cause ice cream makes everything better. At NYC’s François Payard Bakery, you can try this delectable dessert in frozen form. According to this CBS article, Chef Payard stated that his ice cream sandwich hybrid is “a combination of cultures — America, known for its ice cream, and France, known for the macaron, come together in fun flavors like raspberry pistachio, strawberry cheesecake and coconut mango.”

Macaron Cake


Photo courtesy of foodspotting.com

If you’re ever longing for more after finishing the standard-sized two bite macaron, here’s your solution. Head over to Ladurée and feast on one of their macaron cakes, essentially a huge, pimped out macaron adorned with even more macarons on the sides. Flavor options include pistachio (featured above), chocolate and coffee.

Macaron Truffles


Photo courtesy of Barry Williams for New York Daily News

Watch out Milk Bar, there’s a new truffle in town. NYC’s La Maison du Macaron now offers this french-cookie-chocolate-confection mash-up available in eleven flavors, which include Milk Chocolate with Giuseppe Cremonini Balsamic and Alpaco Varlhona Chocolate.



Photo courtesy of pierreherme.fr

A combination of raspberries, lychee and rose ganache, Pierre Hermé‘s iconic creation offers a tangy yet creamy twist. All nestled under a super sized macaron top, this confection offers another good option for when one single cookie just won’t cut it.

Pot de Macarons


Photo courtesy of lamag.com

Created by Razmig Tchoboian, Napoleon’s Macaron‘s head pastry chef, this creamy creation is a riff on the classic Pot de Crème. Simple but nonetheless delicious, this decadent dessert features layers on layers of a rich and creamy filling, all nestled under the crispy yet smooth egg-shell like crust of a macaron. .



Photo courtesy of hannahchertok.blogspot.com

Why wait two hours for a Cronut when you can enjoy another French-American hybrid in a matter of minutes? At Portland’s Pix Patisserie, Cheryl Wakerhouse offers what is essentially a “deep-fried macaron covered in a light, fluffy batter.” For more in depth coverage, check out this article by Eater.



Photo by Jessica Kelly

Surprisingly, this NYC mashup doesn’t involve donuts. Baked by Melissa, a big-apple favorite, is cranking out versions of their signature mini-cupcakes capped with macaron tops. Not in the city? Not a problem. While all of the chain’s locations are around the Tri-State Area, Baked by Melissa delivers nationwide.