At some point in your college career you're going to need to study for something. Even if you're one of those people that don't ever study, chances are there will be that one professor to turn your whole life upside down.

Studying can be pretty unproductive if you're not in the right atmosphere, (take for example, finals week. Everyone and their mother is in the library, leaving nary a free seat to be found). A lot of students and even business people look towards new-age coffee shops to get the much needed elements of a study area, (wifi, good food, outlets, and most importantly caffeine). 

The calming smell of java, and warm pastries, along with the subtle hum of the espresso machine, can make these locations conducive to a quality study sesh.

Here are some of the best coffee shops near the University of Hartford. 

1. Starbucks

beer, coffee, tea
Eileen Wang

Starbucks has designed most of its locations to maximize comfort and productivity. If you go during the right time, there are plenty of different seating choices and outlets to plug in your electronic devices. Some locations even have a refill policy that allows you to get another cup of hot/iced, coffee/tea, or cold brew for $.53 (or free if you're a gold member), as long as you stay in the store for over an hour. There are several locations close to the University, including one on campus:

200 Bloomfield Ave, University of Hartford (located in Mortensen Library)

2475 Albany Ave, West Hartford (Bishops Corner)

21 LaSalle Rd, West Hartford (West Hartford Center)

852 Cottage Grove Rd, Bloomfield (Gillette Ridge Plaza)

2. Hartford Baking Co

Ciera-Jade Henry

This place is one of my personal faves, because all of their baked goods are made fresh on site, never frozen. It is cute and quiet and most importantly, offers dairy-free alternatives for us non-milk drinkers. The seating can get limited here, but if you do get a chance to snag a spot, the atmosphere is very calming making it easy to fall into the abyss of your econ homework. 

Location: 965 Farmington Ave, West Hartford (West Hartford Center)

3. Cafe Sofia

Ciera-Jade Henry

Cafe Sofia is a quaint little spot for anyone looking for strong hand crafted cups of coffee as well as a warm, relaxing, environment to study in. They also offer the most delectable selection of snacks, from various middle eastern desserts, ice cream, crepes, and waffles. There's plenty of comfortable seating in here, but outlets can be limited so try to scope out a sweet spot early. 

#spoontip: try the Middle Eastern Coffee if you need a swift pick me up, and are not afraid to try new things!

Location: 984 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT 06107 (West Hartford Center)

4. The sPoT Coffee 

Ciera-Jade Henry
Ciera-Jade Henry

This place is brand spanking new, and offers a lot of things to munch on while you cram. From decadent pastries and nibbles, to full sized hummus plates (highly recommended) and wraps, The sPoT has it all. There is ample room, including indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a fire place to curl up around when its cold out, or throw your textbook into. 

Location: 65 Memorial Rd, West Hartford (Blue Back Square)