As a college student, it is sometimes hard to stay motivated when you're spending countless hours in the library. Slurping down PJ's coffee on the first floor of Howie T can get old fast. To fix this problem, I researched and visited coffee shops within walking distance of Tulane so that I can change my study habits while supporting local businesses. Trying these new places made me more motivated to study, so I highly recommend stopping by these four amazing cafes. 

Rue de la Course

Housed in a historic former bank, Rue de la Course is possibly one of the prettiest cafes I have ever seen. On the corner of Oak and Carrollton, this cafe is serving up amazing specialty bagel sandwiches and coffees. Pictured above is my favorite weekend breakfast; the warm and doughy everything bagel sandwich stuffed with freshly cooked eggs and juicy bacon strips. They have a large variety of locally made coffee syrups that make for delicious lattes. The architecture of this cafe really seals the deal for making this your next study spot. The large glass windows let in a lot of natural light to both the first floor and the loft of the space. As well, there is always classical music playing, which is not only scientifically proven to help you focus better, but also induces a calming environment. Coming from someone who has spent five hours straight writing a final paper here, you have to go to Rue. 

The Rook Cafe

This quaint coffee shop is one of my favorite hidden gems. Located in a strip mall on Freret Street, Rook Cafe is a geek's paradise. The walls are coated in pop culture fan art and their shelves are piled high with your favorite childhood board games. The drinks on the menu have quirky names, including Pawn, The Doctor, and my personal go-to, the Millennium Falcon. If you're looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, this cafe has a very homely ambiance. The eclectic decor and furniture provide an unspoken level of comfort to all guests. Wooden tables are scattered throughout the cafe, as well as upholstered chairs and many outlets to plug your laptop into. The window nook at the front of the shop is arguably one of the best study spots off-campus, making Rook a must-try. 

The Labyrinth 

One of Tulane's best-kept secrets is closer than you might think. Situated right next to the Palms, the Labyrinth is a quiet cafe and gathering space for students to work and hang out in a comfortable environment. They sell coffee, tea, pastries, bagels, sandwiches, smoothies, and more for under $10. Home of my best friends' favorite chai lattes, you will be surprised by how great their affordable items taste. A particular crowd favorite is the Turkey and Pesto panini, which is the perfect palette refresher when you're getting tired of the Commons. In addition to their freshly-made foods, they also sell pre-packaged snacks and drinks in their huge refrigerators right when you walk in, making it super easy to just grab something and get to work! The space itself has many comfortable couches, tall and short tables, as well as counter seating so you can come with friends or by yourself. A location this close to campus cannot be beaten.

Petite Rouge Cafe

Found behind Yulman Stadium, Petite Rouge is a cafe that handcrafts its coffee with the use of locally sourced products. Their unique drinks are sweetened with house-made syrups, and are made hot, iced, and frozen (perfect for a hot and sunny day). They often feature food items from their retailers as well, including Humble Bagel. This coffee shop is adorned with luscious green plants, eclectic art, and red furnishings. The ceiling fans keep the room at a comfortable temperature, and the staff is always friendly. There is a filtered water tap accessible to guests, perfect for long study sessions. If you're looking for a place more off the beaten path, give Petite Rouge a try.

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