Finals are approaching quickly and when the library just doesn't cut it for studying anymore, why not give your local downtown coffee shops a stop? They provide the caffeine and wifi, while you, the studious student that you are, finish your assignments and final term papers in a timely manner. 

Here are a few popular stops to get your study grind on.

Temple Coffee Roasters:

Known for their Farm to Cup philosophy and fair trade coffee, Temple provides good vibes from their coffee to the atmosphere of the G street location. The baristas are top notch and are willing to tell you about the stories behind their coffee and are willing to customize whatever drink you have in mind.

Have a paper to write? Pop in, grab a seat by the windows and sip on their famous Kyoto Drip coffee while the caffeine guides your focus. Feeling hungry? Pair your coffee with a tasty, local pastry direct from bakers in the Sacramento area.

Mishka's Café:

Transport yourself, if only for a few hours, into Mishka's which prides itself on its European café environment as well as it's fair trade coffee and teas. Order a mocha or browse their infinite tea menu to make an outstanding beverage choice. In addition, Mishka's offers a variety of food items, as well as their famous truffles, are made in house by pastry chef, Allison Biggs.

While we all shed a tear that we aren't at a French café in Paris, Mishka's is a close equivalent. Knock out some online assignments, a reading or even problem sets at this cozy shop.

Peet's Coffee

When the local coffee scene gets to be too much, head to your local Peet's on E street and do your assignments there. Whether you are up for their seasonal special or just wanting a simple hot cocoa, Peet's has it for you. There is also free reign to customize your order to how you'd like it and the baristas are happy to cater to your desire; my go to is an almond milk hot cocoa with coconut whipped cream.

After ordering, slide into one of the booth tables, the bar seats after ordering and prepare to dive into that assignment you've been procrastinating on all quarter! Peet's is an optimal place if you need a quick coffee fix and a quaint work environment for a few hours!

When the library is jam packed and you are in dire need of a study space, now you know where to go. You can crush those finals with ease knowing you have optimal study spots at your will as well as caffeine!