Emerson students are well aware that they're lucky for the amount of coffee shops they have around them. If there's a big exam coming up or you're writing a paper, there are tons of cafes in Boston to study at rather than the crammed library or their noisy dorm room. 

Although Emerson College doesn't have a traditional campus like other surrounging schools like Boston University or Harvard, being in the city means there are so many options to explore and study at whether it be in the park or in a cafe

Cafe Nero

Price Range: $$

This hip coffee shop is right across the street from the Paramount Theatre and Paramount dorm building. Cafe Nero is one of the more popular places Emerson students like to go to for group meetings or a place to study. There coffee gives students the perfect kick start to their day, and if someone is having a sweet tooth, their pastries are the best to fix-up those cravings.

The ambiance is relaxed and there's a homey feel to the cafe. It's the place to get work done and get those creative juices flowing, which is essential for an Emerson student.


Price Range: $$

This french style cafe is the perfect spot to get work done. They are open at 7:30 every morning and closes at 11:30 p.m. everyday except Saturdays at 12:00 p.m. Since Boston is known for having most of their shops close early, this is the best place to get things done on those long days. 

Not only do they serve coffee and pastries, they also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner (their lemon ricotta pancakes are a definite must try.) Although, if you don't feel like ordering anything on the menu, the employees are super nice and will still let you sit and do school work, according to some Emerson students. 

Thinking Cup

Price Range: $$

Looking for a place to get you thinking? Thinking Cup makes great coffee, sweet treats, and tasty soups and sandwiches for you to relax and enjoy. Many Emerson students love coming here to study, write, or edit scripts while they're in a calm and casual environment.

As convenient as the Thinking Cup location may be, and being that is it right across the street from Boston Common, that means this location will be crowded with many students, locals, and Boston tourist. So if you're a student in need of getting a little further away from the commotion, there are Thinking Cup locations across the city, like the one on Newbury Street and on Hanover Street.

Boston Common Coffee

Price Range: $

Boston Common Coffee is right next to the Paramount building on Washington Street. This is the perfect spot for those students housing in the Paramount dorms, coming out of a show, or coming in and out of classes. 

Since Emerson students are popular customers, Boston Common Coffee gives 10 percent off of anything purchases made by showing their Emerson Student ID cards. This cafe understands the struggle of living on a college budget while also needing a nice pick me up during the day. 


Price Range: $

You can never go wrong with the world reowned Starbucks. There are so many locations where ever you go and Emerson happens to have one right on the corner of Boylston and Tremont Street. If you need place to study in-between classes, this might be the place to go.

Depending on the hours of the day, this location will get a little crowded with students coming to and from classes or people getting off the train since the green line is right across the street. Even though this is a smaller Starbucks, inside has a cozy feel to it and you're guranteed a window seat if you love a view while getting on that work grind.