Boston is a superb city, but food can be expensive. When it seems like there are pricey restaurants everywhere, don't give up and go to Chipotle! Try these amazing, cheap eats in the Boston Area from several different cuisines, all for $15 or less


Every time you go to the vegetarian restaurant Clover Food Lab, expect your meal to taste uniquely different. The menu is defined by fresh ingredients, and constantly changes with customer feedback. Clover started as a food truck and now is wildly successful with 13 locations in the Boston area. Don’t let the fact that there's no meat shy you away. The food is so delicious and satisfying, you won’t feel like you’re missing anything. All of their entrees are under $15, and their sides and drinks are $3-4. If you feel like splurging on a drink, they have some interesting flavored lemonades and sodas such as ginger or apple.

Try: The Mediterranean platter with chickpea fritters, $8.88

Louisa Kuper

Roxy's Grilled Cheese

Roxy’s is a restaurant dedicated entirely to grilled cheese, and they really do grilled cheese well. Another restaurant with beginnings as a food truck, they now have 4 brick and mortar locations with expanded menus, as well as a food truck that travels around Boston. Their Mighty Rib Melt with fontina, bbq braised short rib, and caramelized onions is absolutely incredible. It’s hard to say no to getting their amazing truffle fries on the side. With grilled cheeses ranging $5-9, Roxy’s is a great cheap eat in Boston. 

Try: The green muenster with guacamole, bacon, and muenster cheese, $7

Louisa Kuper

Boston Burger Company

Probably the most insta-worthy place on my list, Boston Burger Company offers ridiculous burgers and shakes. The burgers are piled high with toppings like mac n cheese, pulled pork, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks. Their "freak frappes" have toppings like roasted marshmallows or entire pieces of cake. All the burgers are under $15, and while their frappes have the steep price of $10, they're so big I guarantee you you'll want to get one as a meal. 

Try: The Mac Attack with homemade mac n cheese and bacon, $14

Anna's Taqueria

There's a lot of debate over which burrito place is the best in Boston, but Anna's is truly wonderful and loved by all that go there. They also have multiple locations, so you're never too far to try it! Their burritos are delicious, my favorite is the one with carnitas filling which just melts-in-your-mouth. What sets Anna's apart for me is their quesadillas, which are a quesadilla burrito fusion. Instead of just putting cheese in a burrito, the cheese is melted inside the tortilla, which is warmed so that the outside is toasted. Once you try a burrito like this you'll never want to go back.

Try: Quesadilla, $7.25

Regina Pizzeria 

While Regina Pizza has many locations across the Boston area, I highly recommend going to the historically Italian North End of Boston and visiting their original restaurant (it's been there since 1926!). The pizza is thin and chewy, and the crust is made from an 80-year-old recipe, so they must be doing something right. Their menu is traditional yet varied, ranging from margherita to white or pesto pizzas. 

Try: The Giambotta, loaded with all the traditional toppings (pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, salami, peppers, and anchovies on request), $12.75 for a 10-inch

Gourmet Dumpling House

If you're at the Park Street station, delicious and cheap Chinese food is just a seven minute walk away! Gourmet Dumpling House is small and cozy and gives you free tea, a wonderful treat after a long day of walking around, especially in the winter. Come and share noodles and dumpling dishes with generous portions, the majority of which cost around $8. Order safe and try their scallion pancakes, or take a risk and try something like frog and clam soup! I always leave this restaurant very full and happy, feeling like I spent very little money.

Try: Mini juicy dumplings with pork (dumpling filled with soup), $6.50

Louisa Kuper

Yume Wo Katare

Yume Wo Katare serves ramen and basically only one type of of the traditional dish, but what they lack in menu variety they make up for in experience. Going here is better with a small group, but expect to wait in line since the restaurant only holds about 15 people. When you've finished your ramen (or at least attempted to finish the giant bowl), you have the opportunity to share a dream with the entire restaurant. Also expect to receive positive encouragement for how much you're able to finish, I finished everything but the broth, which prompted the busser to shout "very good!" to the restaurant as he took my bowl away. The ramen is $12, and sharing your dreams is free ☺.

Try: sharing your dreams!

Louisa Kuper

And there you have it. A condensed list of all the best cheap eats in the Boston area to find the next time you are in town. Enjoy!