Feeling good and looking good is often determined by what we consume. Our bodies work as machines and we must feed them with adequate, nutritious fuel. I’ve scoped out a few juice spots around the city that will help you on your path to please your palate and cleanse your body. Here's where to go and what to know when venturing out on your path to good health in Toronto.

Daily Press Juicery

Tucked away on Queen Street West, Daily Press Juicery is a beautifully decorated local juice shop. Small, intimate and cozy, Daily Press is the perfect spot for a date, study session or afternoon snack. Their juices range from typical greens to charcoal lemonade – and if you go in the summer, they sell fresh-pressed watermelon juice for $5 – a must-try. All of their products are organic – which is why the prices are high, but you cannot put a price on good health and the taste definitely makes it worth it.

Smoothie Recommendation: Choco Chip – a delicious blend of almond milk, cacao nibs, dates and more. This is the perfect healthy imitation of a rich chocolate milkshake – without the empty calories, processed sugar or bloated sensation.

The Good Press

Nestled on beautiful Yorkville Street is The Good Press. A small yet lively shop with just one seating bench – The Good Press is the perfect spot to grab your healthy breakfast or snack on the go! The service is quick and the staff are friendly. And don’t even get me started on the food and drinks. The bowls are hearty and filling (and amazing!) and reasonably priced for their nutritious properties and overall quality of the ingredients

Nut Milk Recommendation: Chocolate Milk - This homemade nut milk is found in the fridge with the cold-press juices. It’s a thick, creamy, dairy-free take on a chocolate-y classic and another one of my favourites.

Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice Co. has many beautiful full locations and some counters all around Toronto - where they constantly come up with new products, that don’t always include juice or smoothies. They have a line of dark chocolate bars along with merchandise for sale such as hats, they also have seasonal soups and have just introduced an açaí bowl.

Smoothie Recommendation: Rococoa - A raw take on a famous chocolate shake. If you’re a chocoholic like me, healthy takes on velvety drinks serve as perfect substitutes! The creamy texture of the almond milk base paired with the sweetness of bananas and date make for a chocoholic’s guilt-free heaven.

When looking at a smoothie menu, I am automatically drawn to anything chocolate! But not just because of the taste – chocolate shakes made with organic nut milk, raw cacao and natural sweeteners are actually good for both our mental and physical health! They are natural brain and mood boosters, and it is just a bonus they taste so delicious.

So, don’t forget to look out for chocolate’s healthy twin this season – cacao, and its list of benefits make it a vital superfood that you should include in your diet ASAP. In an effort to protect your heart, lower blood pressure and naturally boost your mood – it’s clear that a healthy twist on chocolate milkshakes could be doing a lot more than just satisfying your sweet tooth and keeping you looking your best.