As a Canadian studying abroad, I'm totally aware of the delicacies I have access to on the daily, but that doesn't mean I don't miss dining in one of Canada's biggest cities. When it comes to food, Toronto has got something for everybody, but this also makes it easy to feel overwhelmed from the variety of places.

To give you some ease, you can start with this list of 25 best places to eat in Toronto (or at least those definitely worth a taste). Don't take it personally if your go-to hotspot didn't make it, because the entire city has got a food scene that's worth exploring.

1. Saving Grace

 Laura Pitt

Weekend brunches are huge in Toronto, so you might find yourself waiting for a table 9/10 times. Thankfully, the food will definitely make up for it, and Saving Grace is one of those places that's worth waiting for. 

Location: 907 Dundas Street West

2. Planta

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Planta strives for beautiful, but innovative cuisine that's not only plant-based but also sustainable. Look closely because that's anything but your regular street stand hot dog.  

Location: 1221 Bay Street

3. Campechano Taqueria

tacos, slaw, chicken, pork
Diana Ghidanac
Modest on the outside but hip and lively on the inside. I was foolish in thinking I could stop at two tacos and leave without a drink. Whether you're a meat lover or are craving some beer-battered cod, Campechano will definitely wow you. Make sure to top it off with a fresca or one of their homemade cocktails. 

Location: 504 Adelaide Street West

4. Mean Bao

Laura Pitt

Said to be a cheap eat that doesn't sacrifice in taste, or in the presentation. Mean Bao is your place for dim sum-inspired snacks and over half a dozen steamed bun varieties. Vegan options are also available. 

Location: Leslieville (181A Carlaw Ave), Queen & Bathurst (167 Bathurst St), and The Grange (275 Dundas Street W, #19)

5. Buca

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This isn't one of Toronto's best Italian restaurants for nothing. Their dishes bring seasonal ingredients inspired by authentic Italian flavours. If you're looking for an impressive dining experience, Buca is a top option.

Location: 604 King St W

6. Trattoria Nervosa

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Rumor has it Beyonce had pizza here. If you're feeling fancy like the Queen Bee, then treat yourself to some wine and za' at Trattoria Nervosa.

Location: 75 Yorkville Avenue

7. Japango

Just when I thought I'd already tasted the best sushi in Toronto, I came across Japango. I went for a sashimi platter that features the freshest fish of the day courtesy of the chef. If you're a raw-fish enthusiast like myself, this is the spot for you.

Location: 122 Elizabeth St

8. La Cubana

Diana Ghidanac
A laid-back, yet vibrant Cuban-inspired diner found near the west end of Toronto. The only thing that makes me happier than the food is the colour of their turquoise tiled walls. La Cubana is definitely a summertime go-to, especially when it's conveniently placed right across from Bang BangLocation: 392 Roncesvalles Avenue, and 92 Ossington Ave.

9. Tabule

Crisp falafels, perfectly toasted pitas, creamy hummus, and delicious veggie dishes are something you can look forward to at Tabule. It may not be in the most touristy area of the city, but its Middle Eastern cuisine has definitely gained some attention. 

Location: 2009 Yonge Street

10. The Good Fork

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What you see here is a close up of The Good Fork's Challah French Toast topped off with some cotton candy. This Bloor West eatery has got you for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Beware, because their egg bennies will make it hard for you to never return.  

Location: 2432 Bloor St. West 

11. Soos

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Malaysian cuisine is not something you come across often. Some reviewers even claim that the quality and taste of Soos is almost identical to the real deal. But there's only one way to find out, and that's tasting it for yourself. 

Location: 94 Ossington Avenue

12. Playa Cabana

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There are already so many Mexican joints in Toronto, but Playa Cabana is a fave in my books. If all the tables are filled, don't be afraid to grab a spot near the bar. The atmosphere is fun, lively, and makes for a great night out with lots of guac and killer tacos.  

Location: 111 Dupont Street

13. Pho Hung

Asian cuisine can be found all over the city, but some of my favourite is in the heart of China Town. Pho Hung is always packed during peak hours and that's because they serve generous platters at a very decent price. I'd recommend the pho soup, vermicelli, and cold spring rolls. 

Location: 350 Spadina Avenue

14. Brickworks Farmers Market

Yuan Yuan Zhang
One of the best ways to spend a weekend in Toronto is at the Brickworks Farmers Market. Not only can you feel good about eating locally and sustainably, but you also get inspired by the beautiful green space. Hike to the top and enjoy a panoramic view of the city. 

Location: 550 Bayview Ave


If you've never been to an Izakaya bar before, expect a lot of yelling and a lot of hype. The second you enter you'll be greeted by all the chefs and staff and served with the most eye-opening dishes. KINKA IZAKAYA is energetic and vibrant, and I can't think of many other places serving sake shots out of bamboo.  

Location: 398 Church Street, 559 Bloor Street West, and 4775 Yonge Street

16. Bar Raval

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Bar Raval was an instant success the second it hit the scene. It's got locals raving for the tapas, drinks, and the overall atmosphere of the place. Though it's located among many other foodie gems in Toronto, I don't see how this place could disappoint.

Location: 505 College Street

17. Union

Inspired by a Paris bistro, Union is all about eating fresh, locally-grown, and in-season food. Bringing you the farm-to-table, you can be sure to enjoy a real taste of the country at this Canadian-French eatery. 

Location: 72 Ossington Ave

18. Seven Lives

You ask me for fish tacos, I'll answer with Seven Lives with no hesitation. It's also located in Kensignton Market, a hip and vibrant neighbourhood filled with quaint vintage shops and many other great eats.  

Location: 69 Kensington Avenue

19. Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant

Lalibela is another one of those restaurants that will make you feel like you're tasting the real, traditional dish. If you've never experienced Ethiopian food before, you should know it's hearty, filling, veggie-friendly, and also extremely messy. You're going to need your appetite at this place. 

Location: 869 Bloor St W, and 1202 Danforth Ave

20. Dumpling House

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Once again, China Town is hard to beat when it comes to Asian cuisine. If I may quote: "Dumpling House is where you go for cheap, zero aesthetic eats that will change your world." 

Location: 328 Spadina Ave

21. Viva Napoli Pizzeria

Every pizzeria will advertise themselves as "authentic Neopolitan-style," but when Viva Napoli says it, they really mean it. This family-run business impresses with their wood oven, thin crust pizzas that will make you feel as if you're dining in a small restaurant somewhere in the streets of Italy.

Location: 679 Mt Pleasant Rd

22. JaBistro

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The freshness and delicious taste of JaBistro all made sense when I found out it was managed by the Kinka family, aka the same people who run Kinka Izakaya. 

Location: 22 Richmond St W

23. Fresh Off The Boat

Many people, like myself, assumed this was associated with the famous sitcom of the Munchies' star and chef Eddie Huang. However, Fresh Off The Boat is a very tiny but popular fast food seafood joint known for it's soft shell crab sandwich (featured above) and snow crab fries, among many other tasty seafood snacks.

Location: 404 Queen Street West

24. Little Sister

The Little Sister Food Bar doesn't just want to bring you the flavours of Indonesia, but also the experience of eating there. Pick a seat at the communal table and you can watch the chefs through a take-out style window that represents an Indonesian food cart. 

Location: 2031 Yonge Street

25. Gusto 101

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If you haven't figured it out already, Toronto sets the bar high when it comes to Italian food. Gusto 101 likes to bring a little flare to your typical southern Italian dishes, and it seems like they stay true to their name, which means "tasty" in Italian. 

Location: 101 Portland St