You can find a bakery on basically every block in New York City. From chain establishments that offer nationwide shipping to small family-run businesses that pride themselves on exceptional customer service, there is always a place to welcome you with open arms if you have a sweet tooth. However, just putting “bakery” into Yelp or Google Maps can be a bit overwhelming if you’re a first-time visitor in NYC, or just not really sure what you’re looking for. If you’re a traditionalist on the hunt for a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie, or in the mood for a fun flavor covered in an enticing layer of colorful frosting, then you’ve come to the right place for guidance! Here are 5 bakeries that I firmly believe make the best and biggest cookies in New York City, and the good news for non-New Yorkers is that all of these places will ship their goodies right to your door!


The original Schmackary’s is located in very close proximity to the NYC theater district, which has made the shop popular for both Broadway stars and fans. You can send cookies to any theatre or performer in the city through their website, or visit the shop during their yearly Broadway Bakes event, which raises money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. They offer a wide variety of delightful baked goods, from cereal bars to cinnamon rolls, and rotate their flavors monthly. The cookies are beautifully decorated, consistently delicious, and basically the size of my face. They also freeze really well, so don't be afraid to buy in bulk and keep a stash hidden for later! Everyone working there is always super friendly, and I wish I could accurately put into words how incredible it smells inside the store, but you will just have to see for yourself!

Locations: W 45th St and 35 Cooper Square

Personal recommendation: Funfetti or cookie dough flavored cookies!

City Cakes

City Cakes first caught my eye on social media, because it’s pretty much impossible to just scroll past and forget about the photos of their half-pound cookies smothered in frosting. Their impressive menu allows you to customize a cookie any way you want by combining different base flavors and frosting types, but even their standard flavors like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle are indulgent. If this sounds appealing to you but you're not 100% convinced to drop everything and run to Chelsea immediately, head on over to their Instagram @citycakes and take a peek at their collection of intricate cakes and festive cupcakes. I also want to commend them for their active and helpful presence on social media, and all of the precautions they have taken to keep both their customers and employees safe during the pandemic.

Location: W 18th St

Personal recommendation: A chocolate chip cookie with vanilla buttercream, or their out-of-this-world salted caramel cupcake!

Milk Bar

Milk Bar is most commonly known for their cereal milk flavored soft serve and crumb-coated layer cakes, but they have also crafted a handful of out-of-the-box and delicious cookie recipes in-store. Whether you’re visiting their new flagship location for a choose-your-own-adventure experience, or just grabbing a cookie to eat while walking around the city, these yummy treats will undoubtedly satisfy your craving for sweets. And fun fact, they have a recipe page on their website where you can learn to recreate their cakes, truffles and cookies in the comfort of your own kitchen! Make sure to also check out their social media when they reveal their unique seasonal flavor announcements, such as this month’s pumpkin dulce de leche or the peppermint bark from last December.

Locations: Milk Bar has 8 locations throughout NYC, from the Upper West Side to FiDi. Additionally, you can find stores in Los Angeles, Boston, DC, Las Vegas and Toronto!

Personal recommendation: The cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie, or a slice of the birthday cake!

Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery is a staple of NYC culture and is one of the most well-known bakeries in the city. If you are a fan of classic chocolate chip cookies and enjoy warm baked goods, this is the spot for you. Their cookies are insanely thick, and have that incredible gooey interior that so many home bakers try (and usually fail) to recreate. They’re a little more traditional in the sense that they have a fairly small menu of iconic flavors, but these cookies are far from basic. The shop also offers pastries such as sour cream coffee cake and raisin sticky buns if you’re looking to try something else.

Locations: Levain has locations in Williamsburg, Noho, and Harlem, and on both the Upper East and West Side. They also recently opened a store in Washington DC!

Personal recommendation: The classic chocolate chip walnut cookie, or the chocolate peanut butter cookie!

Zaro's Family Bakery

Zaro’s Family Bakery is home to what I believe is the best black & white cookie in New York City. They will occasionally add a delicious twist to the classic recipe, like including chocolate chips in the cookie batter or using fun colors inspired by the upcoming holiday, but the permanent version that lives on their menu is amazing. The cookie is moist but pleasantly cakey, and is perfectly balanced by the coating of fondant-esque frosting on top. The Penn Station location is always a must-stop for me when taking the Amtrak home, especially because I can grab a bagel for breakfast or lunch and a cookie (or 6) for dessert!

Locations: You can find Zaro's at Penn Station, Grand Central Station, Port Authority, Macy’s Herald Square, 37th St and 125th St

Personal recommendation: The black & white cookie, chocolate rugelach or literally any kind of bagel!

If cookies aren't for you but you're still looking for sweet treats in NYC, you can check out this article or this one that list some other types of dessert, from ice cream to doughnuts, that deserve a spot in your Instagram feed (and your stomach).