As a college student, I find myself relying on Uber for anything and everything. When I'm going shopping, finding a new study space, and especially eating at a new restaurant, I Uber everywhere. This doesn't need to be the case though, since there are a bunch of great restaurants that are within a half-mile of campus. To help you skip the drive for once, here is a list of the 8 best restaurants within walking distance of Vanderbilt.

1. Tavern

For good American-style food, head to Tavern. This restaurant is modeled after the Gastropubs in England but with an American twist, creating some of the best food within a spitting distance of campus. Their Truffle Fries and Sweet Potato Fries rival those of Hopdoddy’s (yes, I went there), so you absolutely have to try these. Beyond the fries (and because we definitely need real food in our lives), they have amazing sandwiches and salads for you to munch on. If this isn't enough, their brunch options are some of the best in town. However, they're best known for their innovative Red Velvet Waffles. These waffles are fluffy and rich, with a thick, sugary cream cheese frosting to top it off. It's delicious and great for your foodstagram, so get your phone ready!

2. Bella Napoli

Potentially my favorite destination on the list, Bella Napoli is one of the best restaurants in Nashville and just so happens to be next to Commons on Edgehill. No matter what you decide to order, I promise you will leave satisfied and happy. Their Penne Alla Vodka and Margarita Pizza are personal favorites, but you can't go wrong with whichever route you take. Come hungry because their serving sizes are very generous. It's also a fun place to visit whenever the weather is nice, since they have an alleyway with outdoor seating and twinkly lights to add to the fun vibes.

3. Taco Mamacita

Another great spot on Edgehill, Taco Mamacita is a trendy, modernized Mexican restaurant. With affordable prices, yet an upscale vibe, this is a great option if you're like me and practically crave tacos every day. Their menu has any combination of tacos you could ever think of, making it hard to pick and choose. This just gives you more reason to come back because you literally can't go wrong with any of the recipes. Of course, they also have some amazing queso and guacamole to kick off the meal. If you want to stray from tacos, grab the Tortilla Soup. Every ingredient is as fresh as can be, creating explosive flavors that will leave you satisfied no matter what.

4. Fido

If you're looking to grab a bite to eat and find a productive study space, Fido is the place for you. This seems like an obvious choice, yes, but it just has to be on the list. You can seriously spend your entire day here if you're up to it, because they have incredible options for every meal period. Start your day with breakfast; the Village Scramble with a side of breakfast potatoes is my personal favorite. For lunch, try the Smoked Turkey and Brie Sandwich with a side of fries because they are some of the best in town. Finally, round out your evening with a burger since apparently Fido was awarded the “Best Burger in Nashville from a Restaurant that doesn’t sell Burgers” or something like that. Oh, and if you haven't tried the Local Latte, this is a must. It has honey and cinnamon and definitely will keep your studying morale up!

5. Taco Mama

For a cheaper, quicker option, try Taco Mama. It's practically located in the middle of campus and is part of the new construction in Hillsboro Village. It has fun, easy-going vibes that offer the perfect place to go with a large group of friends. Their tacos are classics, and they have bowls that are equally good if you're looking for a healthier option. Once again, their queso is a definite must, but I feel like this is the case with any Mexican restaurant.

6. Amerigo

For a more upscale dining option, try Amerigo's delicious Italian food. Make sure to start your meal with the Artichoke Cheese Dip because it's the richest, tastiest dish within a mile of campus for sure. Also, it has vegetables in it, so it has to be healthy! Right? After you scarf that down, grab any of the wide array of pasta to satisfy your craving caused by the lack of a pasta presence on campus.

7. Hattie B’s

This is an obvious choice for sure, but I cannot help but include Hattie B's on the list. It’s a Nashville classic that is the destination for all tourists, but it's worth it. Unfortunately, this does mean that it's more difficult to get to for us “locals.” The line is constantly wrapped around the building, and there’s never anywhere to sit. However, I am here to tell you how to do it. If you call ahead or order online to place your order, you can skip the line and head in through the side entrance. Simply grab it to go and have a picnic on campus with your friends. You will be the envy of any student who walks by, and you have worked the system successfully. This is definitely a win-win.

8. Urban Cookhouse

Probably one of the most underrated options on the card, Urban Cookhouse is the perfect healthy option to visit. With an endless menu of sandwiches and salads, you can't go wrong with this one, and you can even charge it to your card. All of the ingredients are incredibly fresh, creating some of the best flavors in Midtown Nashville. They also have plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians, so if you fall under either category, this could be the place for you. 

No matter what kind of cuisine you are craving, there is sure to be something within walking distance of Vanderbilt. Make sure to take advantage of all of these awesome options during your time on campus; we are only here for so long!