When finals week bears down on a poor college student's soul, coffee shops become the angel to rescue us from the misery. As the soothing aroma of coffee beans waft towards us the minute we enter a coffee shop, we know that we will be protected, and nurtured in the warm, tranquilizing, and comforting drink. There are several coffee shops in Delhi that provide the apt ambiance and impeccable coffee to help you study hard for your upcoming exams.

1. Coffee Bond

Meher Gill

With window-side seats and excellent food, Coffee bond is a quaint and quiet place to get work done. You can sit here for a good hour or two and study your heart out. Be sure to try out their amazing range of coffee while you're at it. 

2. Blue Tokai

Shubhangi Kashyap

Blue Tokai is renowned as one of the best coffee shops in Delhi for its brilliant coffee. Well, guess what? The interiors are equally splendid to sit and study. The cafe is gorgeously done with a beautiful ambiance and vibe. They also have snacks and (awesome) banana bread on their menu!

3. Greenr

GreenR in Shahpur Jat and Gurgaon is a magnificent cafe in a rather quaint location. The best part? They have a dedicated workspace inside the cafe! You can order one of their excellent coffees or lip-smacking food while you hustle. 

4. The Brew Room

What I like the most about The Brew Room, apart from their extensive menu, is that they have two separate floors in their cafe- one for those who just want to eat and the other for those who just want to work. They have an amazing range of food and beverages to choose from, and they offer free wifi! You can't find a better cafe to study at. 

5. JugMug Thela

Amidst the fancy Champa Gali, JugMugThela is an aesthetic little cafe with an enormous bookshelf. You can simply sit there and read the books they offer or study. They have wholesome, healthy items on their menu, though, I wouldn't recommend going there just for the sake of the food. Their outdoor seating makes for a great view while studying. 

6. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Another chain of coffee shops creating spaces to sit and study is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Their food is filling and delicious while the coffee (caramel latte y'all) is simply spectacular. There are multiple outlets all over Delhi, so you can choose the one most convenient to you. 

7. Chaayos

Neha Yadav

Chaayos has outlets all over Delhi with delectable snacks and a cutting glass of chai. They even offer free wifi for up to an hour! You can sit here for as long as you want, though, I'd suggest finding a less crowded Chaayos outlet for studying.

8. Starbucks

Starbucks is not a new name when it comes to brilliant coffee. Starbucks outlets have, albeit not a separate, working space, and free wifi as well. Their delectable coffee gets me in the mood for some real hustlin'. Again, find a rather empty Starbucks outlet or go before lunch to find less crowd to be able to study. 

Now you know several nooks and corners in the city to study. I guess it's time to start preparing with books in one hand and coffee in the other. Good luck!