Do you love food? Do you have pictures of food stored on your phone? Do you like to talk about food and are interested in sharing your opinions? Spoon University at W&L is a way to be a part of a student-run group that loves food, wellness, and desserts too. Here are the seven best reasons to join Spoon University at W&L:

1. Who doesn’t love food?

Food is a big deal to everyone, so your work for Spoon will matter. It's a platform to bring food-related tips, tricks, and advice to college students like you. What better way to connect with others on campus talking about what's always on their minds?

2. There's something for everyone: writing, taking pictures, advertising and marketing

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Whether you are looking to take on a leadership role or become a general member, there is something for everyone who wants to get involved. If you enjoy writing articles, taking pictures or videos or advertising on social media, then you're in the right place. Spoon is nationally and internationally recognized, which helps you gain lots of experience.

3. You get to be a part of launching a new nationally recognized group on campus

The cool thing about joining Spoon at W&L is that it's brand new! There are plenty of clubs that have been around at W&L for years, but Spoon is launching this fall at W&L and that makes it extra special, because you get to be a part of founding something. 

4. You have more say about the food/wellness on campus and in Lexington

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It is up to us to change and improve the campus of W&L and the town of Lexington. The small town and university have the potential to grow and become better than before with the addition of a Spoon chapter. It is up to us at W&L to write articles and publish pictures about potential food places to come to campus or better ways to attain sustainability.

5. Connect with students all over the country and the world

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Spoon is unique because it is not isolated to any one campus. Spoon chapters exist at over 200 college campuses across the country and the world. Not only will you be able to connect with students at W&L, but you will also be able to connect with students from all over.

6. Work for something that is student organized and student run

Joining clubs and committees at W&L are great, but how many of them are totally student led and run? Spoon is organized and led by students, encouraging growth and improvement among the student body and campus.

7. Make a difference in your generation

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How cool would it be to say that you are part of a platform that has the goal of bringing mindful and healthy eating to our generation? One of the 7 Best Reasons to Join Spoon University at W&L is that you will be a part of a team of people that are not only passionate about food, but are also passionate about sharing food with others. Spoon combines people with all sorts of talents and passions to create a cohesive news source. 

Join by clicking this link.

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