There are many places (besides Starbucks) to get your coffee fix for the day. Bloomington, Indiana, is home to some very unique and well-known coffee shops. From alternative vibes to well-lit and cozy study spots, Bloomington has the right coffee shop for you. Take your pick! 

The Pourhouse Café

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Gabby Phi

 The Pourhouse Café, established in 2008, is well known for its sit down areas and availability to discuss important topics and make friendships over a nice cup of Joe.

Though this place has a plethora of drink options, it is also open for breakfast and lunch with options from bagels to quiches to sandwiches and baked goods. They even have amazing organic ice cream. 

Hopscotch Coffee 

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Stephanie Marchuk

Steadily becoming one of Bloomington’s most popular study places, go-to coffee date destinations, and the easiest coffee to pick up in local stores, Hopscotch Coffee is the place to be.

They feature locally roasted coffee which you can buy on-site for a drink, or you can buy bags of beans to use at home. At least once a month, Hopscotch creates new flavorful drinks to keep their customers coming back and enjoying new experiences.

Make sure to follow their Instagram or online menu for an update on their new drinks. To go with your coffee, they offer baked goods from Rainbow Bakery, Lucky Guy Bakery, and Bloomington Bagel Company.

Uel Zing Coffee Lab

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Emma Hammock

Meet the super strong, super smooth cold brew coffee! Created by Tinker Coffee Co., Uel Zing makes its way from Indianapolis to Bloomington. The site offers plenty of cold brew as well as hot pour-over coffee and brewing gear for your coffee needs.

Uel Zing is also offered in select stores by the bottle for a quick coffee fix me up. It can also be found on campus with their signature yellow cart—they are hard to miss.

Sometimes, Uel Zing brings in fresh donuts to pair with your cold brew. On select weekends, they do a coffee tasting session—so all you coffee lovers, head on over!

You can also find them on Instagram, Facebook, their online blog, or on the Hooked app where you can save on your next order of cold brew. Zing on!

Soma Coffee House and Juice Bar

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Claire Waggoner

Soma not only specializes in amazing coffee, but in tea and juice as well. The two locations in Bloomington offer a sublime study space with alternative music, retro working space and beautiful local art pieces to keep you engaged.

They get creative with their coffee, offering flavor mix-ins like raspberry, peanut butter, mint and Irish cream to enhance your coffee. On top of this, Soma even makes their own whipped cream for seasonal drinks.

Check out their upcoming Pumpkin Spice Latte with pumpkin infused whipped cream. If you’re not into coffee, they offer a variety of teas, smoothies, and freshly squeezed juices.

Feast Bakery Cafe

coffee, milk, espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, mocha
Stephanie Marchuk

Though Feast is known more for their brunch, lunch, and dinner entrees, they offer an exceptional list of intriguing coffee blends and signature drinks you cannot miss out on.

From their seasonal drinks to steamed, iced and traditional coffee bar, their coffee is the perfect pairing to any meal or dessert option here.

Some of their seasonal drinks include coffee with house-made syrups, including banana coconut and coconut milk cinnamon. Their most popular coffee treat is the Nutella Latte with hazelnut butter and dark chocolate—a match made in heaven.

Their two locations in Bloomington offer a classy sit-down, enjoy-your-meal type vibe. 

Crumble Coffee & Bakery 

Emma Hammock

This small, newly created coffee and pastry shop offers a small quiet space to lounge, catch up with friends, or catch up on studying. It is the perfect place for a delicious cup of coffee and baked goods. All their items are homemade and their coffee is locally roasted by Quarrymen Coffee.

Rainbow Bakery 

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Mia Mastandrea

This classic, retro bakery offers vegan baked goods with a classic cup of coffee. Though this place doesn’t specialize in coffee, it has a nice cup of warm brew.

Whether it’s with a donut, scone, pizza or quiche, Rainbow Bakery will satisfy anyone’s craving with the help of some house coffee .

Stop by one of these local coffee stops in Bloomington to catch up with an old friend, write that paper you need to get done, or to simply enjoy any drink or baked good that is in season or catches your attention.