Sorry, Green Day, but why would I want to be woken up when September ends, especially when Made In America kicks off the dog days of summer? The music festival, located in the Fairmount, is one big love letter to Philly stamped with Jay-Z's John Hancock. Part music festival and part gastronomical extravaganza, Made In America refuses to skimp on the things that make Philly, well, Philly. Whether that means screaming along to Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares" or splitting anything cheesesteak flavored with your squad is up to you, but make no mistake: Made In America's food lineup might just be the hottest on the festival scene. 

Why, you might ask? Because the festival listened to the voice and stomachs of the people. Much of the lineup was determined at the MIA Culinary Competition, a day long cook off where vendors ranging from taco trucks to purveyors of deep fried everything competed for a spot to serve the masses at this iconoclast event. Now, I'm breaking down the best of the best. These are the six Must Eat Vendors at Made In America 2018.

1. Dump N' Roll

Asian fusion food trucks are more common than a Kardashian sibling fight, but finding a good one is truly rare. And by good, I'm not just referring to the food; I'm referring to the truck's presence in a community. Dump N' Roll, run by three hometown boys, uses each dumpling and roll as a conduit for community growth. Each bite of a margharita egg roll teaming with mozzarella or a classic pork'n'chive dumpling steamed to never-soggy perfection funds opportunities for children to sprout like sunflowers — upwards and outwards, with limitless room for growth. 

At Made In America, expect a masterclass in combos. From the crispy bite of a classic eggroll to the garlicky, cheesy greatness of their truffle fries, everything Dump'n'Roll dishes out will leave your stomach and heart full.

2. FMK The Food Truck

FMK food truck will be importing swag straight from DC to the streets of the Fairmount this festival season. Serving an eclectic range of elevated Southern cuisine, this truck swaps casual dining for refined, fresh, and so-good-you-can't-believe-it's-healthy flavors. In other words, it's basically a portable restaurant. Expect FMK to deliver meals you couldn't even fathom making in your kitchen, like shrimp ceviche that's somehow both spicy and refreshing.

3. Tica's Tacos

Known to Philadelphians as the "taco delivery people" and New Yorkers as the vendor that rocked Panorama harder than St. Vincent, Tica's Tacos elevates Taco Tuesdays to an every day affair with fresh ingredients and gourmet flourishes. Each taco is topped with something so distinctly Tica, like sweet plantains, garlic goat cheese (brb I'm swooning), and pickled sweet potatoes. Be sure to take a break from wishing Post Malone went to your college to turn up with tacos that are so much more than limp lettuce and the meat equivalent of an afterthought.

4. Skinny Buddha Organic

Hailing from Westchester, NY (like me, and everything else cool), Skinny Buddha is a vegan cafe transcending the notion that veganism is boring, difficult, and unindulgent. Dealing in comfort food that's jammed packed with these nutritious things called vegetables, this suburban New York institution makes plant-based eating approachable. Fingers crossed that their Mediterranean Burger graces Made In America with it's hefty presence, because hummus should top everything. 

5. Papermill Foods

Burritos everywhere are quaking, thanks to the spurrito. An Australian import, spurritos are comprised of Vietnamese white rice papper jam-packed with Southeast-Asian inspired flavors and all the vibrant colors your Instagram feed could ever want. With a rotating cast of spurritos, ranging from the Bondi Green variety stuffed with a greatest hits of green veggies to Rainbow version doused in Peanut sauce, Papermill turns eating healthy into eating pretty.

6. Lil Pop Shop

Why settle for a freezer burned popsticle hawked from an ice cream truck when there's Lil Pop Shop, Philly's cutest and sweetest small business? Dealing in artisinal and small batch frozen confections made sans artificial flavors, this Philly favorite will keep you cool in between sets. With a variety of pops that sound like Anthropolgie candles, such as Honey Lavender Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade, Lil Pop Shop makes trendy delicious.

Clearly, good eats are inside Philly's DNA and the best of the best are taking center stage at Made in America.