When Taco Bell first opened up way back in the 1960's it was completely different from what we are used to today. For one, each item on the menu cost a total of 19¢. Those prices would be any college students' dream now. Unfortunately, the only time anything at the fast food joint was that cheap was on the Taco Bell original menu.

Now that taco bell sells all kinds of crazy taco and burrito inspired creations, it's hard to remember a time when it just sold basic Mexican food. This list is a compilation of all the simple menu items that Taco Bell used to carry when it first opened.

1. Frijoles

Frijoles are a Mexican bean dish, pretty basic compared to what you can get at Taco Bell these days. These beans were served with cheese on top and in a little container. Sound similar to the Pintos N Cheese on the menu now? That may be because they are essentially the same thing. The small dish of beans makes a good side to go with a taco or a protein-packed snack.

2. Tostados

chili, tomato, lettuce, beef, nachos, cheese, guacamole
Marisa Boily

Tostados sounds pretty similar to tostadas which are on the current Taco Bell Menu. While we may not know exactly why they changed the item's spelling, tostados were believed to be almost the same thing as the spicy tostada which is available on Taco Bell's dollar menu.

3. Chili Burger

This may have been called a burger, but it actually resembled a Sloppy Joe more than it did a burger. This burger was later renamed to become the Bell Beefer. This menu item was discontinued by Taco Bell, but it is still currently popular as many people are rallying for its return. If you're curious about what this burger tastes like, here is a recipe you can try.

4. Burritos - Red Sauce

The original Taco Bell menu still offered the basic burrito. This burger was supposed to come with a "red sauce", this sauce was tomato based with spices added to it. The burrito itself was a basic beef burrito, unlike the 16 different burrito options available at taco bell today.

5. Tacos

The humble taco is still Taco Bell's most popular item. Of course, now there are 16 different taco options including Doritos Locos Tacos and Gorditas, but when Taco Bell first opened, it was a basic beef taco. The classic beef taco is still available on the menu today under the name of "crunchy taco".

6. Burritos - Green Sauce

Taco Bell had two basic burrito options on the original menu and one was a burrito with a "green sauce". This sauce is presumed to be salsa verde which Taco Bell released for a limited time last year. The sauce is currently only available in some grocery stores or online. Taco Bell does not have a burrito on the menu now that comes with salsa verde, but when the fast food joint first opened it was one of the main options to choose from. 

As you can see when Taco Bell was a brand new restaurant it looked very different from what we know and love today. It was a simpler time back then, before the invention of the quesarito. If you're ever in the mood to "relive" the 60's, order something from the Taco Bell original menu and go back to those early days.