As a college student, you're probably balling on a budget, so try out one of these Fairfield restaurants that won't break the bank. They also all look great for Instagram, which, if you're anything like my friends, is very important. I've been to all of these restaurants collectively at least 20 times, which is kind of a lot as only a second semester freshman (please don't judge my eating habits), and definitely shows my love for them. 

1. Senor Salsa's

Senor Salsa's changed my life. They have really fresh food, are a great alternative to Chipotle, and are just so good. If you want something healthier, but still as good as Chipotle, 10/10 (all ten are me) would recommend. Especially the taquitos, they're a game changer.

They are also a tad cheaper than Chipotle and most of their meals come with guac (aka it's not extra), which is amazing. Plus they have more than 10 salsas to choose from, which gives you a reason to keep going back (to try them all, duh).

2. Mecha Noodle Bar

There are a lot of Asian restaurants in Fairfield, but Mecha is definitely the best mixture of really good food and really good prices. It also has a great ambiance and feels really cozy on a cold, winter day. It's great for your indecisive friend since they have a limited number of menu items, and there isn't as much of a choice. But if you want to give your indecisive friend a suggestion, the Paitan Ramen is ah-mazing. 

3. Pronto 

Pronto is a great lunch place since they're so quick and you can place an order over the phone and have it be ready to go, which is great for a student on the go. Also, all of their salads and wraps are under $10, which is amazing. Their Southwest salad is so good, especially when you get the dressing tossed in. 

4. Colony Grill

Colony legit only has pizza on the menu, but they have so many toppings. If you're trying to be healthier, you can order a salad pizza. Problem solved! Their plain cheese pizza is $8.50 and most of their toppings are only $1.50 (like the bacon *hint, hint*), so basically you're getting a full pizza for $10. 

5. Firehouse Deli

If you haven't been to Firehouse yet, I am really judging you. They have amazing sandwiches and are great for after a day at the beach, a night out, or just on a random Tuesday. My personal favorite is a chicken cutlet, pesto, and fresh mozzarella on a ciabatta toasted. Thank me later.

Their breakfast is also amazing, and most of those sandwiches are under $5 for really fresh, good food. And their lunch menu is also very reasonably priced, plus they have free pickles so what more do you want?

6. Little Pub

Little Pub is a newer addition to Fairfield, but they have four locations total and for good reason. Their menu is a lot of pub food, but with some curveballs thrown in, like their Food Truck Fish Tacos or Thai Sesame Salmon Salad. This is definitely the most "expensive" on the list, but it's still very cheap compared to other Fairfield restaurants. They have a ton of 'Little Plates,' like Southwest Egg Rolls and Harvest Bruschetta, that are mostly under $11 and the majority of their burgers, sandwiches, and salads are under $15. Un-freaking-real. 

There are hundreds of amazing restaurants in Fairfield, but it's great to be able to not break the bank while enjoying great food.