Ahh, the first date jitters. Deciding where to take your special someone can make or break a budding relationship, but don't fret - we've got you covered. Whether your date is laid back, adventurous, or somewhere in between, read on to find the best first date spots in Albion!

Victory Park

This gorgeous park is perfect for a picnic and a stroll (which is the perfect excuse to hold your date's hand). Victory Park has a ton of trails to walk; there's also some more rigorous options for the athletes, like disc golf! Musicians can often be found strumming away at guitars here, which is perfect for setting the romantic vibe. Pair the afternoon with some wine, and you've got an afternoon that any date would swoon for!

Frosty Dan's

What better way to cool off than to get ice cream?! Their specialty pecan turtle fudge sundaes attract ice cream lovers from over an hour away. Luckily, they're open 7 days a week, so you can surprise that special someone with some sweets any time! Your date will be sure to enjoy the atmosphere and outdoor seating of this place - who wouldn't?

Cascarelli's Italian Dining

This Italian comfort food diner is everything you're looking for on a date. Make sure to order one of their pizzas (they're to die for) and an order of their fire roasted nuts. The atmosphere at Cascarelli's is great, too - Albion College's jazz band often performs there during the school year, so plan in advance to get the full experience!

Stirling Books and Brew

This cute little coffee shop doesn't just make a mean cup of coffee - they've got books you can enjoy your joe with! It's nice and quiet during the day, which makes catching up with your date super easy. If you're looking to do an activity, don't worry - the shop has become somewhat of a hub for events! 

If you're not a coffee person, don't fret! This joint offers smoothies, pastries, and tea as well. And with plenty of live musicians, open mics, and poetry nights, you'll be sure to find lots of options on your date!

Albion Malleable Brewing Co.

This newly opened brewery has more than just beer; help yourself to one of their delicious signature sandwiches and share some fried mac n' cheese bites with your date! Since their grand opening on May 21, Albion Malleable has generated a lot of buzz - and rightfully so! Their malts are a great way to share an evening with that special someone. Click here to see the menu, hours, and special events!

Kalamazoo River

Passing right through Albion is the refreshing Kalamazoo River! If you're looking for an easy way to cool down, pack some sandwiches and a picnic blanket for your date. For the more adventurous, rent a canoe or a pair of kayaks and take a trip down this gorgeous river. Pro tip: pack extra bottles of water, sunscreen, and life jackets to make sure your date goes smoothly! Need some additional help with planning a picnic? Find some inspo here.