We all know Athens has variety of great Asian restaurants, but what about Thai food? Pad Thai. Green curry. Crab rangoon. Who doesn't love a mouthwatering, affordable meal consisting of what could be one of college students' most beloved cuisine? These five Thai restaurants in Athens are consistent, affordable, and undeniably delicious. 

1. Thai Spoon 

chicken, rice
Hannah Park

Thai Spoon serves five-star, quality food in a laid-back atmosphere (their chicken satay is the most tender dish to ever grace this planet). I saw college students grabbing a quick bite on Friday night, young families clustering around a menu, and two frequenters lounging by the bar while chatting with the owner. 

The food is across-the-board delectable. Between the chicken satay, Thai dumplings, green curry, and Thai fried rice, it's impossible to pick a favorite. The green curry is creamy with a kick, and the Thai dumplings are succulent without being greasy. Located next to Little Italy, this gem of a restaurant is a must-visit if you're willing to spend a little extra money.

2. Athens Wok

meat, pork, sauce, pad thai, chicken, pasta, vegetable
Hannah Park

I have a friend who's so obsessed with Athens Wok, the waiter knows her order before she even utters a word. She has every reason to frequent this place a few (or five) times a week. Athens Wok specializes in Chinese and Thai cuisine, but we'll focus on their Thai food here. 

Round one: appetizer. Every time I go here, I always order their Crab Rangoon. Why? It's a buttery cluster of crab encased in a crispy, fried shell. Need I say more? 

Round two: entree. Thai fried rice, pad Thai, and pad see ew are their staples. The sauce contains some secret ingredient that makes it inevitably addicting.

This restaurant combines a homey, cozy atmosphere with some of the most affordable Thai food in Athens.

3. Thai E3 Cuisine 

chicken, fried rice, rice
Hannah Park

It may have just popped up on Broad, but it's sure to change the Thai restaurant game. Their Tom Yum soup broth contains a myriad of flavors. Whether you're sampling their fried rice, curry, or both (don't worry, I don't judge), its unique blend of tangy and savory flavors will not fail to surprise you.

This restaurant has one of the best views in Athens. While you're enjoying your steaming plate of basil fried rice or sampling some Tom Yum soup, you can enjoy the picturesque, second-story view of Athens. Located up a flight of stairs, this eatery is tucked away but serves some of the most budget-friendly and appetizing Thai food in the city. 

4. Cozy Yum Yum 

chicken, rice
Hannah Park

The moment you walk into this restaurant, the eclectic decor and warm service create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. The food itself has a distinct homemade quality, and perhaps this is why this restaurant's Thai food is so addicting. 

There is one thing I must address: Bubble tea. It's so fresh that the boba (i.e. the chewy, dark pearls) are steaming and floating on the top. Plus, this restaurant serves generously. 

As for the food, unlike most Thai cuisine, their green curry is not heavy or overly-rich. In fact, the broth is spicy but light, and the chicken and vegetables are irresistibly tender. Their fried rice contains an extra kick, and the fried dumplings are extra crispy. The best part? The prices are totally affordable. And they even have deals to look out for on Hooked.

5. Bubble Cafe 

Hannah Park

The reason I fall into student debt will most likely be due to this restaurant. Besides the fact that their bubble tea is on point, perhaps a lesser known but equally delicious aspect of this restaurant is its food.

For $6, you're blessed with a steaming helping of white rice, boiled egg, and possibly one of the best Thai curry chickens in existence. If that doesn't spell d-e-a-l, then I don't know what does. 

Once you step out of the comfort zone of ordering a large Taro milk tea to-go, and sample some of its Chinese and Thai dishes, you'll be pleasantly surprised. And I wouldn't discourage anyone from not ordering their boba in a heartbeat. This refreshing drink is a sweet complement to their spicy and savory dishes.