The Greenmarket at Union Square, open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, notoriously offers seasonal fresh produce, cheese, baked goods, plants, and more, with over 140 regional farmers selling their products throughout peak season. This great public place is one of Manhattan's biggest farmers markets, featuring a plethora of unique vendors, who return year after year and sell to dedicated city dwellers.

As we shift into Autumn, the Greenmarket never fails to host seasonal favorites, bringing back traditional fall foods and products that can’t be missed.

A trip to the market in this season is a must, as well as a visit to these five best stands:

Tremblay Apiaries

Jaime Wilson

Residing in upstate New York, Tremblay produces, packages, and sells its own products to a variety of farmers markets in NYC. From beautifully amber and golden honey, to wax candles, pollen, and ambrosia, these locally crafted products are essential in any kitchen this season. Their Fall Flower honey is dark amber in color, sporting a nutty, robust flavor, making a great addition to morning coffee or barbecue sauces.

Migliorelli Farm

Jaime Wilson

There is no better stand than Migliorelli’s for fresh produce, where you can find mountains of brightly colored fruits and vegetables piled high. Pick up your pumpkins here, as well as vibrant carrots and apples, hearty lettuce, plentiful corn, and crunchy string beans. Migliorelli’s also sells deliciously spiced apple cider by the bottle, setting the mood for apple picking and other fall activities.

Deep Mountain Maple

Jaime Wilson

Exclusively sold at the Union Square Greenmarket, this wood-fired pure Vermont maple syrup is a taste of Autumn, and a staple in any household. Drizzled over pumpkin pancakes, or added as a natural sweetener, this fine maple syrup comes in four grades, ranging from lightly golden to dark and robust. You can also try their maple candies and granulated maple sugar, which are guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse

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Caroline Ingalls

Stop by on Friday’s only to get a taste of Bobolink’s 100% grass-fed milk, cream, chocolate milk, yogurt, butter, and buttermilk, as well as their grass-fed and whey-fed pork. Naturally cured, their meat is as fresh and tasty as it comes, and will bode well in any seasonal dinner recipe. Try their creamy cheeses on savory cheese boards, or match them with crackers and local apples.

Beth’s Farm Kitchen

Jaime Wilson

Sourced from farmers in the Hudson Valley, Beth’s Farm Kitchen products are essential in capturing the fall spirit. Spread blackberry jam over breakfast toast, or add some fiery blazing tomato chutney to your plate at dinner. Their gingerbread peach jam is a seasonal favorite, as well as their Raspycran Jam, made with locally picked berries.