I'm obviously late (like always) to this trend of "avocado toasts", but it's better late than never, right? I can understand why someone like myself is so hooked on the trend. I mean, come on: the fatty goodness of the smashed avocado slaps your face right when you hit that crunch of the warm toasted slice of toast — there's a slight tang from the lemons, smoothness from the avocados, and a perfect crunch from the bread. And, of course, when the cafe adds a perfectly poached eggs on top with the yolk running all over the place? It's almost too good to handle. No wonder we all are salivating over a damn piece of toast. That's why I'm bringing you the five best spots in our good ole' downtown NYC to go check out and get your addiction to avocado toasts going!

1. Banter NYC 

169 Sullivan St, New York, NY 10012

Vivian Zhu

Banter has really got their game with their avocado toast. This café includes the magical poached egg on the toast, and damn, it changes everything. The yolk just runs over the avocado, bringing out the solid, creamy taste. Toasted pepitas add an extra nutty texture, and the goat cheese brings an extra punch of creaminess. Flavors and textures are just going left and right! The best part is that Banter gets their Avocados just right: super creamy, super smooth, super fatty. This cafe has simple decor and it's quite tight, bustling with people, but that's when you know that the food has to be good. 

2. O Cafe

482 6th Ave New York, NY 10011

Cecilia Chen

The Instagram game is strong over here. With hanging plants and wood accents throughout, this checks all the boxes for "hipster aesthetic". Great. But, on to more important things: the avocado toast is amazing. The avocados are cut into slices and put into a bowl along with an two halves of an egg with a soft boiled egg. The creamy sauce (their special O-spread) underneath perfectly smoothens everything out. With chili flakes and black pepper all over, your avocado toast just got heated up! Please note though that some hard-work is required since you have to spread the avocado goodness onto the toast yourself (first world struggles), but all is well when you take that first bite. It's one of those smooth yet spicy avocado toasts that you cannot pass up! 

3. Two Hands Cafe

64 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

Vivian Zhu

Two Hands is the definition of a classic: I would definitely recommend this place for the beginner avocado toast junkie because of the simplicity. It isn't as complexed as the others, but it's a delicious start! The sliced lemon on the side is a nice touch, so you can squeeze that right amount of tanginess onto your avocado toast. If you were to add an egg, they do it perfectly runny for all your yolk-porn needs. It's such a vibrant cafe with cute little details like hanging lights, luscious green plants, and wooden benches and chairs. This is the place for some delicious food and delicious conversation with a friend.

4. Bluestone Lane 

51 Astor Pl, New York, NY 10003

Vivian Zhu

This is the perfect place to grab food and coffee to relax or lounge for a couple of hours to do work. Bluestone Lane's Avocado Smash is just a lively way to start your busy day, giving you a delicious energy punch! I added the prosciutto to my lovely Smash, and damn, it made all the difference. It brought the avocados an extra bit savory and salty, which plays extremely well with the creaminess of the avocado. I was incredibly impressed how prosciutto can really elevate the flavors, adding this amazing complexity to the humble avocado toast. Although I didn't get the poached egg (which could be added), the prosciutto was enough to have me forget about it for this round.

5. Coco & Cru 

643 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

Vivian Zhu

The one word to describe this toast is "explosion". There's so many things going on: zesty limes, smokey mozzarella, onion, you name it. There's a lot more going on here than your basic avocado toast, for sure. The onions just add this kick of sweetness, and that smoked mozzarella is something I haven't seen on an avocado toast elsewhere. It's the perfect mix of smokey, sour, and sweet flavors all in one toast. As a bonus, If you are ever alone for lunch, this is the perfect spot to eat at: They have a nice window-bar, allowing you to look out the window and drift away onto the city streets. Good food, good alone time! 

There you have it, the best 5 spots in Downtown NYC. I have done all the work for you to keep you loving avocado toasts. You're welcome. Have fun eating! Next, be sure to check out this list of where to find the best avocado toast in every state.