One thing you can't find anywhere else that will be nearly as refreshing as California are the variety of juice bars. Want something for on-the-go? No problem—grab a smoothie or a bottle of freshly pressed juice. Need something with a little more substance to hold you over until your next meal? Have an açaí bowl with granola and freshly cut fruit.

With locations hugging the coast, you have the perfect opportunity to go down for a swim or run and satisfy your appetite with a healthy option at any of these juice bars. Trust me, from a local's perspective, once you leave my golden state, you'll be wishing you never left. 

Banzai Bowls

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If we were to make “Count How Many People You See Walking Around with a Banzai in Hand” a drinking game, you wouldn’t be able to make it to the sand because of how popular this place is. A staple item for Orange County, açaí bowls have been making a rise in the food industry. Known for their smoothie-based bowls topped with freshly chopped fruit and drizzled honey, you can’t go wrong no matter what bowl you pick.  

Growl Juice Pub 

Positioned in downtown Orange, Growl’s cacao almond milk, pitaya bowls, nut butter, and fresh cold-pressed juice are a hot ticket item on Chapman University’s campus. They have plenty of options to choose from to kick off your detox cleanse.


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The Latin translation of Porrovita is “long life” and it ties in directly with the juice joint’s motto: “Fueling the dream with pure, fresh-crushed, cold-pressed fruits and vegetables and living long, happy, healthy lives.” On their website, they advertise that their liquid creations are preservative-free and nutrient0packed, never cooked or pasteurized, and made from only fresh, clean fruits and veggies, and nothing else.

Mead’s Green Door Café

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This vegetarian cafe has only been open for a little under four years but has definitely made its marks on downtown OC. Some of their healthy juice options include the Orange Carrot (oranges and carrots), Good Morning Beautiful (grapefruit, parsley, apple, grapes, & fennel), and several others. Not feeling a juice? They offer smoothies such as Green Machine, Mocha Banana Nut Blossom, Coffee Date, Açaí Power Up–the list goes on.

Pressed Juicery  

Offering 1-5 day juice cleanses, Pressed Juicery is definitely an exotic location for you to try next time you’re in Newps. Their cleanses range from seasonal, greens, roots, citrus, refreshers, and many more. With the goal of health and wellness, PJ is a great start to a healthier you.

These are just a few juice bars in Southern California that can help jumpstart your new healthy lifestyle. A fruit and veggie combination, a supportive community, and sunny California might just be the things you need in your life. And with multiple options, Orange County will have your back on this one. Now here's a cute gif of a dog surfing for some motivation. 

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