I'm a total weirdo when it comes to breakfast, in that it is maybe my favorite thing in the world, with puppies, Christmas, and newly-sharpened pencils close behind. Being from New Jersey, I was raised on the bread and butter of Greek diners and it's followed me all the way to James Madison University where there are so many amazing breakfast spots, it's almost overwhelming. 

I chatted with fellow breakfast aficionados from around the country to find out the real deal when it came to must-try breakfast spots in some of our favorite college towns. 

1. Billy Jack's—Harrisonburg, VA (James Madison University)

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Yes, we're starting with JMU because I go here, duh. For me personally, nothing beats breakfast at the Billy Jack's. I'm a big fan of their breakfast sliders and mimosas.

2. Gillie's Vegetarian Cuisine—Blacksburg, VA (Virginia Tech) 

Major points for their fun name. Vegetarians, rejoice. This spot is heaven on Earth. 

3. The Continental—Richmond, VA (University of Richmond)

Popovers are God's gift to this Earth, and The Continental has capitalized on this in the best way possible. They have Popover Benedicts with poached eggs, horseradish chive hollandaise sauce, and asparagus. What the what?

4. Lulu's Allston—Allston, MA (Boston University)

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So word on the street is that celebrities like Olivia Culpo make appearances at this local spot (also because her family owns it). Olivia herself is a huge fan of the tater tots.

5. Latte Lounge—Oneonta, NY (SUNY Oneonta)

My friend Lauren swears by Latte Lounge. They have endless flavors for iced coffee and the most legendary bacon, egg, and cheeses in the SUNY school network.

6. Elizabeth's Restaurant—New Orleans, LA (Tulane University)

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I had to hit up my friend Grace from high school to give me the low-down on breakfast at Tulane. She said that the hands down, best spot was Elizabeth's. Though a bit of a drive, it's worth it for the praline bacon and French toast burritos. My mouth is drooling and I ain't sorry

7. Stella's Diner—Syracuse, NY (Syracuse University)

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Stella's is a Betty Boop-themed diner and is always packed with familiar faces. Word on the street is that the hot cakes can't be missed. 

8. Angelo's—Ann Arbor, MI (University of Michigan)

Fan favorites include the Pumpkin Pancakes (seasonal AF), the Raisin Toast, and the Eggs Benedict. 

9. Laura's Pleasant View Diner— Smithfield, RI (Bryant University)

They have some magical ingredient in their bagels that pushes them over the top. Stop in for a classic bacon, egg, and cheese and see for yourself.

10. Amy's Omelette House—Long Branch, NJ (Monmouth University)

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Obviously, due to the name, you can assume the omelettes are bomb, especially the Belly Buster. If you're not in the mood for eggs, the Nutella Crunch French Toast is to die for. If you can't make it here, try out this five-minute French toast at home instead.

11. Nudy's East Side Café—Wayne, PA (Villanova University)

An inside source says that the must-haves include the Tuscan Omelette and the Banana Pancakes. I say go for both of them, but that's just me.

12. Snooze—Boulder, CO (University of Colorado)

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Cinnamon. Roll. Pancakes. That's all you need to know. 

13. Mama's Boy—Athens, GA (University of Georgia)

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My sista-friend Kaitlyn claims that the bacon, egg, and cheese scrambler with their "dank" biscuits are where it's at. If that's not your thing (if it's not your thing, reevaluate your life) the biscuits and gravy are also very popular.

14. Morning Glory—Eugene, OR (University of Oregon, Eugene)

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Morning Glory's tofu scramble is epic (if tofu isn't your thing, their regular egg scrambles are awesome as well.) If you're carbo-loading, their muffins are delicious, too. 

15. Union Street Diner—Athens, OH (Ohio University)

This joint is artery-clogging in the best way possible. Picture yourself feasting on chocolate chip pancakes, hash browns, and bacon. If you're a coffee aficionado, theirs is particularly BOMB.

16. Mickie's Dairy Bar—Madison, WI (University of Wisconsin)

My friend Molly swears by this exact order: two chocolate chip pancakes with a side of yanks (Wisco-speak for potatoes) with onions and cheese on top. Hellz yeah.

17. North Side Cafe—Berkeley, California (University of California, Berkeley)

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Their French toast is, wait for it, le-gen-dary. On the more savory side, their loaded baked potatoes and biscuits and gravy are also outrageous. 

18. Jack's Cafe—Charleston, SC (College of Charleston)

The Hangover Cure is where it's at. This bad boy comes with 2 pancakes, two eggs, toast, bacon or sausage, and homefries or grits. I need that to be shipped to JMU every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning, thanks. 

19. Runcible Spoon—Bloomington, IN (Indiana University Bloomington)

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Come to the Runcible Spoon for their pancakes and you won't be disappointed. You can add in all kinds of stuff (such as strawberries, bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips, walnuts, pears, whipped cream, and pure maple syrup) for a small charge.

20. Milton's—Lawrence, KS (University of Kansas)

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Make sure to stop in for a specialty coffee. Their pancakes are also known to be top-notch. 

21. Pamela's—Pittsburgh, PA (University of Pittsburgh)

They call pancakes hotcakes, which I think is the cutest thing I've ever heard. So that being said, stop in for fresh hotcakes with butter and syrup. 

22. The Chef Cafe—Manhattan, KS (Kansas State University) 

All I'm saying is that this place has Amaretto French Toast. I'm drooling at my computer screen. 

23.  Patterson's—Oxford, OH (Miami of Ohio University)

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Regulars swear by the breakfast quesadilla and the monte cristo. Patterson's also serves breakfast all day, which is the best damn thing I've ever heard.

24. Eveready Diner—Poughkeepsie, NY (Marist College)

Guy Fieri gave this place his stamp of approval on Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives so you know it has to be good. Fan favorites include the Oreo Milkshake (heavy for breakfast, but do your thing) and the chocolate-chip and banana pancakes. 

25. Crepevine—Palo Alto, California (Stanford University)

Crepevine has locations all across California, which makes sense because it's an incredible spot. From savory crepes to unique Benedicts, it's essentially paradise for the breakfast lover. Check out these Benedict recipes that you can make at home.

26. Half & Half—Saint Louis, MS (Saint Louis University)

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Their veggie hash is positively bomb. It's a perfect thing to order when you're trying to watch your waistline or are in the mood for an extra dose of veggies.

27. Bagel Cafe—Isla Vista, CA (University of California, Santa Barbara) 

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Bagel Cafe has the messiest, most delicious breakfast sandwiches ever. I'm talkin' Insta-worthy-gonna-get-you-300-likes kind of place. 

28. The Classic Cafe—Providence, RI (JWU Providence)

Pancakes are definitely the move at the Classic Coffee. Their breakfast combos are perfect for when you're not exactly sure what you want.

29. Le Peep—Evanston, IL (Northwestern University)

First off, I'm a sucker for cute restaurant names. This place is no exception. They have pancakes of the month, so if you're a pancake person, the variety will keep you coming back. 

30. Ball Square Cafe—Somerville, MA (Tufts University)

Omelettes are where it's at. There is literally an omelette for every kind of person in the world and that is a major feat.

31. Founding Farmers—Washington, D.C. (American University)

Founding Farmer is super trendy, super famous, and super yummy. Fan favorites include the beignets. Peanut butter banana toast would also be an exceptional start to your day.

32. Montclair Bread Company—Montclair, NJ (Montclair State University)

So. Many. Cute. Donuts. That's all. 

33. Amami—Lewisburg, PA (Bucknell University)

Amami is also an espresso bar so it is the perfect place to get your caffeine fix before you take on the day. 

34. PJ's Pancake House—Princeton, NJ (Princeton University)

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Pancake houses make me so happy. They have the "Starving Students" menu which features dozens of favorites for only $6.95 with a college I.D. Holla. 

35. Juan in a Million—Austin, TX (University of Texas)

First of all, the name needs to be addressed—amazing. Secondly, my girl Vicky has only ever gotten the 'Don Juan' for breakfast, a heaping plate of eggs, potato, bacon, and cheese with a side of tortillas. 

36. Ann Sather—Chicago, IL (Loyola Chicago)

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I'm sure a lot of places claim to have the best cinnamon rolls ever, but Ann Sather truly does have the best cinnamon rolls ever. You'll just need to see for yourself. 

37. Wild Eggs—Denver, CO (University of Denver)

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Eggs are an obvious favorite at Wild Eggs. However, if you're looking to branch out, the breakfast nachos and wild chicken and waffles are amazing.

38. Amy's Place—Buffalo, NY (University of Buffalo)

Their early bird specials are friendly on the wallet and satisfying. Amy's Place also features dishes with a Middle Eastern flair, which can switch up your classic pancake/egg/bacon breakfast.